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Video Review: ELC AMX

In 1956, the French Ministry of Defense commissioned the ELC (Engin Leger de Combat) project with the aim of creating a light tank to provide support to infantry and can be transported by air. As a result of this project, many amazing prototypes were created, the most notable being the AMX vehicle.

Upon closer inspection of this light tank, one will find that the ELC pales in comparison to other tanks of the same tier in terms of HP,  view range and radio. Furthermore, the tank is also susceptible to attacks due to the positioning of the engine - which is at the front of the vehicle.

So with all these said, why bother endorsing this tank you may wonder? Like every other tank out there, each vehicle is unique with its own advantages and flaws. Let this video show you why the ELC's pros far outweigh the cons and you will soon rethink your impression about this light tank!

Check out the video below now and discover the beauty of this tank!