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Video Review: Chinese Tanks


You  first got the news and teaser trailer for the upcoming Chinese Tech Tree from the In Development: 8.2 Update article, but we know you're itching for some more information.

The look of the Chinese vehicles should seem very familiar to all you tank aficionados out there; their origin is rooted in Soviet steel.  Don't let these similarities blind you to the fact that the Chinese tanks are unique and powerful in their own right. Chinese tanks sport more accurate, often times larger, faster aiming and faster firing gun than their soviet counterparts.  They're meant to be rolled into postion and  force ricochets from their sloped and rounded armor.

The vehicles represented in the Chinese Tech Tree are an evolution of Soviet, American, British, and French design--gathering the best combat characteristics from around the globe.

Chinese engineering and inovation culled the weaknesses they saw from the original designs, adapting the vehicles for the unique topography and difficulties the tanks would face in their homeland and bordering countries.  The result?  An overwhelming and devestatingly fearsome arsenal.

We've put together a video detailing a large selection of Chinese vehicles.  Enjoy!