x3 XP Weekend & Discounts - Victory in the Ardennes

As World War II ended, the Germans launched their last large-scale tank offensive against Allied forces on the Western Front. Also known as the Battle of the Bulge, the assault initiated in the heavily forested Ardennes; it was the biggest, bloodiest battle of the war for U.S. forces. The operation failed, taking a critical toll on the German war machine, and it also gave Soviet forces an opportunity to jump-start their offensive on the Eastern Front.

We've got Gold and Credit discounts on Premium and regular vehicles, Crew training, equipment, and more!

Victory in the Ardennes

Jan. 19-22, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET)

x3XP for the First Win
50%Credit Discount on Equipment
50%Gold Discount on Crew Training/Retraining
50%Gold Discount on Crew Skill Reset
25%Gold Discount on Crew Respecialization
50%Gold Discount on Premium Vehicles Tier II-V
50%Credit Discount on Regular Vehicles Tier II-V
30%Gold Discount on Premium Vehicles Tier VI-VII
30%Credit Discount on Regular Vehicles Tier VI-VII