Victory Day Bonus Code [UPDATED]

military parade

Update (May 10, 2012): We've discovered an issue that caused the Victory Day Bonus Code to be disabled early. We have extended the duration of the offer through May 16, 2012 at 23:59 UTC. If you have redeemed your code but have not received the bonuses, worry not -- our support teams are working on the issue and you should receive the bonuses shortly.


In honor of Victory Day and the ongoing Military Month specials we are pleased to offer you a fantastic bonus code:

  • Extra Combat Rations - x5
  • Case of Cola - x5
  • Chocolate - x5
  • Improved Combat Rations - x5
  • Strong coffee - x5
  • 1 day Premium Time

The Victory Day Promo code will remain active from May 8, 2012 through May 16th at 16:59 PDT (23:59 UTC).

Only during these days will you be able to activate this one time use code:


(Use caps only). If you need more information on how to activate the promo code, please read the instructions.

If you already have a premium account, after putting in the promo code you will receive a 24h extension to your premium play time.

We hope you and your crewmen enjoy all the food and drink!