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Veterans Day Weekend

General News
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Veterans Day is a time when we pay respect to the brave individuals who stand up against oppression and protect our liberties at all costs. Many fought and died to preserve the freedoms we enjoy. Many are putting themselves in harm's way as you read this.

Please keep these men and women in your minds and hearts this weekend.

Event Begins: Friday, November 8 at 03:00 PST

Event Ends: Tuesday, November 12 at 03:00 PST

XP for the First Win in All Vehicles

 x2 Increased Credit Income on all Tier III and IV Non-Premium Vehicles

 30% Credit Discount on all Tier V and VI Vehicles

x2 Crew XP on all Tier VII and VIII Vehicles

x3 Crew XP on all Tier IX and X Vehicles

50% Credit Discount on Equipment

Up to 30% Discount on Premium Ammo

15% Gold Discount on all Tier VIII Premium Tanks

Mission: "Three's Company"


  • Repeatable
  • Random battles only


  • Be one of the top 3 damage dealers on either team, winning or losing


  • x1.3 Credits