Version 7.1 Public Test due to Stop

Version 7.1 Public Test Now Underway

The update 7.1 test server will be stopped at 10:30 UTC on 22 December.


Are you ready for the French Revolution in World of Tanks? The Public Test of version 7.1 is now underway, and we need your help testing everything coming with the update.

You can find the current update notes listed below, as well as information on how to get onto the public test server.

Please remember that the public test server is subject to the EULA and general rules of World of Tanks. The restrictions and punishments are the same as on the official game servers of World of Tanks. Please post all 7.1 related feedback here and bugs here.

Public Test Participation

Download the 7.1 public test patch here

To participate in the 7.1 public test, you must download the 7.1 public test patch. It is recommended you create a new World of Tanks installation for the public test. For help with your installation, visit this thread.

Your World of Tanks account must have been created on or before November 15, 2011 to be eligible for participation in this version of the public test.

Note: The English language localization is currently being tested and will be made available at a later time. For a temporary solution, please visit this thread.

While playing, please also keep in mind that:

  • Payments are not accepted on the public test server.
  • Credit and experience rates for public test server are multiplied 10 times. All players are given 15k gold for testing purposes.
  • Progress won't be transferred to the main NA server.

Version 7.1 Update Notes

  • Added basic French Tank Tree
    • Renault FT - Tier 1 LT
    • Renault D1 - Tier 2 LT
    • Renault D2 - Tier 3 MT
    • Renault B1 - Tier 4 HT
    • BDR G1 B - Tier 5 HT
    • ARL 44 - Tier 6 HT
    • AMX M4 (1945) - Tier 7 HT
    • AMX 50 100mm - Tier 8 HT
    • AMX-50 120mm - Tier 9 HT
    • AMX 50 B - Tier 10 HT
    • Hotchkiss H35 - Tier 2 LT
    • AMX 38 - Tier 3 LT
    • AMX 40 - Tier 4 LT
    • AMX 12t - Tier 5 LT
    • AMX 13 75mm - Tier 6 LT
    • AMX 13 90mm - Tier 7 LT
    • Lorraine 40t - Tier 8 LT
    • Bat-Chatillon 25t - Tier 9 MT
  • Please note, when comparing to the French alpha tree:
    • Lorraine 40t has been shifted to tier 8 medium, while Bat-Chatillon 25t has been shifted to tier 9 medium
    • Amx-50 120mm was shifted from tier 10 to tier 9 heavy, and AMX 50B (formerly AMX 65t) is now the tier 10 heavy
  • Fixed a bug with default ammunition resupply after the battle
  • Fixed a bug preventing the closing of private channels
  • Fixed client-to-server asynchronization when a vehicle is destroyed by ramming
  • Added tank model (short) after the player's name in brackets for battle interface
  • Changed specifications for all automatic guns and vehicles using them
  • Automatic and semiautomatic guns have been reworked into a new system with auto-loading (cartridge reloading) that is being introduced along with French tanks
  • Fixed bugs with vehicle armouring: IS-3 (top front turret), IS-4 (side hull and 122mm BL-9 gun mantlet), T95 (side hull)
  • Fixed bugs with the IS-3 and IS-4 that were introduced in version 7.0
  • Fixed bugs in vehicle models: Object 212, Pz VI Tiger, T32, Grille, Pz II Luchs, VK3001P, Löwe
  • ISU-152: 16 armour groups + spaced armor
  • Fixed the gun models 7.5cm L/70 and 8.8cm L/56 for JagdPanther
  • Fixed camouflage bugs for VK4502A and Pz II
  • Reduced rate of fire for 8.8cm L/71 guns on JagdPanther and Ferdinand
  • Fixed bugs on maps: Fjords, Marsh, Steppes, Malinovka
  • Fixed the red “Texture not found” square replacing clan logo when changing settings
  • Added new options for colour-blind mode
    • It’s now possible to adjust the colour of the reload progress bar and the gun marker
  • Fixed a bug preventing new invites from displaying when the invite channel is open
  • Fixed invite channel blinking when there are no active invites
  • Fixed the absence of Commander's modifier in tooltip over a crew member
  • Fixed bugs in fire effects for destroyed tanks
  • Added the option to hide interface when playing the recorded battle (“V” key)
  • Fixed a bug allowing undistributed tank company players to see the start of the battle and chat within the battle
  • Fixed a system message to display properly when receiving/redeeming a vehicle that is already in the garage
  • Fixed a garage freezing issue when entering the game with the “Enter” key pressed

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