2022 Vehicle Yearbook



The year 2022 brought several new vehicles, features, and improvements to World of Tanks. Let's take a look back at some of these highlights and present our tank class of 2022—we also have a timeline of when they were introduced to the game!

Highlights of 2022

Battle Pass gave us three Seasons (VII–IX). Season VIII was the mode's first collaboration with a third party—specifically, Warhammer 40,000. Unique rewards included progressive 3D styles for the three Core Vehicles, as well as commanders inspired by the Ultramarines, Death Guard, and Evil Sunz Orks factions.

After a brief hiatus, Prime Gaming returned with eight monthly packages that included Viking and gunslinger commanders, unique 2D styles, and other goodies. Update 1.18 brought several new features, including the first Italian tank destroyer line and a brand-new map, Outpost, for Random battles. The follow-up, Update 1.18.1, featured some sizable changes as well: The Sixth Sense perk was made available for all crew commanders in the game, meaning players no longer need to train it. Personal Reserves were streamlined—they're now more efficient and easier to use.

Waffenträger: Legacy featured familiar 6v1 gameplay, but this time, the Alliance was pitted against von Krieger's daughter, Ermelinda. In addition to two brand-new Premiums, one of the mode's random drops was a rental of an old friend blasting back from the past: the Waffenträger auf E 100. Replaced by the Grille 15 in Update 9.15, the "Waffletraktor" tank destroyer carries a fast-firing autoloader.

The year also introduced new game modes. Art of Strategy put the game's elements in a real-time strategy setting for 1v7 or 1v1 skirmishes. Onslaught, a 7v7 mode, pitted Tier X vehicles against each other with its inaugural Season of the Griffin. By engaging in battles ruled by new gameplay mechanics, players received rewards that included 2D progressive styles—a vehicle look that evolved with each passed rank.

Our partnership with Hasbro and G.I. JOE brought Cover Girl and Baroness (complete with unique voiceovers) into our vehicles and put fantastic 3D styles on the Strv S1 and M54 Renegade. Speaking of fighting ladies, the first-ever all-coven crew debuted in our annual Halloween event. Pumpkin Bash had a reward crew of four witches (and one talking cat!) complete with their own voiceovers.

Hardly an exhaustive list, these are just a few of the changes and highlights in World of Tanks this year.

2022 Rewind Timeline

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X 113 Beijing Opera   1/14 The year started out with the special Under the Hammer! auction event during which several new and unique vehicles were put up for bid—three of which were brand new. The 113 Beijing Opera was first on the block. Identical to the 113 breakthrough heavy tank from the Tech Tree, the Beijing Opera edition comes clad in a striking permanent black, red, and silver style.
X Object 268 Version V   1/15 Another tank up for auction. The Object 268 and Object 268 Version 4 are formidable tank destroyers, but the Object 268 Version V ups the ante by putting the latter's 152 mm cannon on a fully rotating turret. Version V has stats that are very close to its fixed-gun counterparts but with slightly less DPM. The vehicle re-appeared in the August auction event.
VIII AMBT   1/16 As the first American autoreloader in the game, the AMBT features a three-shell 105 mm cannon that's a hybrid of single-shot and autoloading tanks. Thanks to a ricochet-friendly hull design, reliable turret, and appreciable gun depression, this medium can play a key support role. The AMBT was the third Under the Hammer! auction item, but it resurfaced in Holiday Ops 2023 Large Boxes.
VI Pawlack Tank   1/25
Holiday Ops 2022 Large Boxes brought players a taste of Yoh tanks with the Premium M-IV-Y. Early 2022 saw the release of five more of the Yoh brethren to the American Tech Tree. The Pawlack Tank, a transitional Tier VI vehicle, plays differently from other mid-tier American heavy tanks and is a mix of both heavy and medium, with good dynamics and great gun handling. The Pawlack Tank is the only Yoh tank without the reserve track mechanic.
VII M-II-Y   Like its predecessors, the M-II-Y is a hybrid of heavy and medium tanks, with good mobility and excellent armor. But starting at this tier, all Yoh tanks receive excellent gun depression and elevation angles—key features that shape the gameplay of the entire branch.
VIII M-III-Y   The Yoh line improvements continued. The M-III-Y features a stronger turret and hull armor—enough to withstand direct hits from vehicles of the same tier or lower. High mobility allows it to change flanks and directions easily. It also allows selecting between two different cannons: the 90 mm for distance support or the 105 mm for frontline combat.
IX M-VI-Y   The M-VI-Y inherited the general gameplay concept from its brother vehicles but with a unique appearance. Its well-armored oscillating and elongated turret can easily ricochet enemy shells. Gun depression and elevation angles are also great, and the solid hull armoring allows for frontline brawls. It too has two top guns to choose from, only in higher calibers: The 105 mm gun has good accuracy and DPM, while the 120 mm gun is less accurate but packs higher alpha damage.
X M-V-Y   Sure, the aforementioned Yoh tank characteristics—being a heavy-medium hybrid, the reserve track mechanic—are present, but the M-V-Y's elongated turret is designed to deflect shells and be very hard to hit, even from medium range. The tank also has two guns to choose from: a fast-firing 105 mm and a slower loading 120 mm that fires effectively at close and medium ranges. Side note: Approximately nine months after it was introduced, the M-V-Y received an exclusive 3D style named Swordfish.
IX WZ-114   1/28 The Hidden Tiger Challenge gave players the opportunity to earn the second Tier IX Premium in the game: the WZ-114. The well-armored heavy tank has a menacing 130 mm gun that causes 530 HP of alpha damage, can penetrate 266 mm with standard AP shells, and is at home fighting on the front line as an assault tank. Its exclusive Tiger Claw 3D style is notable in that it has two settings: The "full" version features a tiger’s head and red fireworks on the gun, while the "partial" version disables these two elements.
VIII Kirovets-1   2/15 The Trading Caravan offered an opportunity for players to purchase random bundles for credits, gold, or bonds. Among the special items in the bundles was the brand-new Kirovets-1. Comparable to the respected IS-3 in gameplay and appearance, the Kirovets-1's cannon delivers a strong 390 HP of damage per shot and 221 mm of penetration—on the higher end for Tier VIII Soviet heavies.
X T-22 medium   While not brand new to the game, the T-22 medium is extremely rare and worth mentioning. It was a reward for completing all Personal Missions in 2015's Rampage mode. Then, when the mode was canceled, players who owned the T-22 medium could keep it, although it was modified in Update 9.15 for Random Battles. It resurfaced in the Trading Caravan. The vehicle has impressive mobility, decent survivability, and good damage output. The 100 mm cannon delivers 320 HP damage per shot and 264 mm of penetration but 2,560 DPM thanks to a long reload time.
MARCH 2022
IX Lorraine 50 t   3/1 Battle Pass Season VII arrived, and with it came two Tier IX reward vehicles with built-in Large Repair Kits. The Lorraine 50 t is mobile, maneuverable, and carries a comfortable, sharp-shooting 120 mm cannon with excellent penetration. Decent frontal armor might save your bacon in close combat but not with an overall aggressive playstyle. Deploy the French heavy from a distance, and take advantageous positions using its good mobility. Although the Cobra was announced alongside the Lorraine 50 t, players could not get it until Season VIII.
MAY 2022
VIII ShPTK-TVP 100   5/12 Battle Pass Season VII offered an optional, time-limited "Queen of the Night" challenge. Players who could complete the Base Rewards Track's 40 Stages in 10 days could get the first-ever Czechoslovakian tank destroyer in the game: the ShPTK-TVP 100. As a lightly armored support TD with a fully rotating turret, this Tier VIII Premium has an accurate Tier X 100 mm cannon that delivers 270 mm of AP shell penetration. Add a fast 5.4-second reload time, and players can inflict 2,778 DPM. As a bonus, those who finished the Improved Rewards Track got the vehicle's exclusive Queen of the Night 3D style.
JUNE 2022
IX Cobra   6/9 The Cobra was announced as a reward with Battle Pass Season VII, but it wasn't until Season VIII that players could collect enough Tokens to acquire it. But it was worth the wait. The British Tier IX reward vehicle combines two distinct playstyles—restraint or let loose and smash—into one versatile medium tank. Which side shows through is mainly determined by the type of shells loaded into the vehicle's four-round autoloader. Just beware of the vehicle's 50-second reload time for an empty clip.
X Object 780   6/16 The Assembly Shop gave players an opportunity to receive a limited-edition Tier X tank without having to research a vehicle branch. The Object 780 was crafted by spending in-game resources, including blueprint fragments, Free XP, credits, gold, and bonds. Only 20,000 were available for assembly. The first 7,000 vehicles came with a Varanus 3D style with a one-of-a-kind individual style number. On the battlefield, the Object 780 is a frontline brawler with excellent frontal armor that also excels at positional medium- and long-range combat.
III Lago M38   8/12 For the game's 12th anniversary, players could earn a series of special mission rewards, including the brand-new Premium Lago M38. A feisty light, it packs a rapid-firing 47 mm cannon with a sweet 2.9-second reload time and solid 1,252 DPM. The 10 degrees of gun depression, 320 m view range, and sturdy armor are icing on the cake.
VIII IS-3A Peregrine   8/19 As the summer wound down, a series of items were put up for auction. On the second day of the event, a striking variation of a Soviet heavy went on the block. Named after a falcon that can reach blazing speeds when diving, the IS-3A Peregrine is clad in black and adorned with a beautiful golden embossed image of said bird. The permanent style is all that differentiates the Peregrine from the "regular" IS-3A—all combat characteristics are identical.
IX WZ-120G FT   8/20 Day 3 of the auction featured the first Tier IX Premium Chinese tank destroyer in the game: the WZ-120G FT (not to be confused with the WZ-120-1G FT). Its 130 mm cannon excels at mid- to close-range firefights, and its stats mainly fall in the middle or upper half of its class and tier. However, beware of its slow aiming time and nearly 13-second reload time.
VIII Gonsalo   8/21 The final auction item. At first glance, players might mistake the Gonsalo for the Caliban. On the surface, the two vehicles are practically identical, and they both excel at close combat and ambush tactics. Yet key differences abound—primarily the Gonsalo's lack of the Caliban's two-round autoreloader. The Gonsalo's most unique aspect, which sets it apart from all other vehicles, is its optional exclusive Many-Faced 2D style. Players can select from multiple cartoon-like camouflage patterns and decals to give their Gonsalo a unique, distinctive, and humorous look—a true rarity.
V Semovente M41    
Update 1.18 introduced the Italian Tech Tree tank destroyer line, starting with the P26/40 medium tank. The new branch starts with the Semovente M41, which is equipped with a non-rotating cabin and 75 mm cannon. It offers stealthy gameplay with its 350 m view range and great concealment values.
VI Semovente M43 Bassotto   An improved version of the M41, the Semovente M43 Bassotto packs a more powerful 102 mm gun with good accuracy and penetration. It has more solid frontal armor and can equip the Tier VII 105 mm gun for HE gameplay.
VII SMV CC-56   Starting with the SMV CC-56 at Tier VII, Italian TDs are equipped with a drum-type autoloader with five shells. The full reload time is 24 seconds for all shells and eight seconds between individual shots. The latter is strange in theory, to be sure, but in combat, these unique parameters allow for new tactics and keep enemies off balance. The SMV CC-56 also introduced a rotating turret with limited traverse angles30 degrees to either side, 60 degrees in total. Its solid turret and frontal armor are reliable in close-range combat, assisted by 10 degrees of gun depression and 20 degrees of gun elevation.
VIII SMV CC-67   The SMV CC-67 follows the branch's logical progression but with an increased turret traverse of 70 degrees (35 degrees to either side), stronger frontal hull and turret armor, increased vehicle mobility, and other improved attributes. Going hull-down is easier thanks to its 120 mm gun with an autoloader and 10 degrees of gun depression.
IX Controcarro 1 Mk. 2   All aforementioned gameplay features continue to evolve with the Controcarro 1 Mk. 2. Its menacing and high-DPM 127 mm gun boasts 80 degrees of turret traverse angles (40 degrees to either side) and an autoloader that causes 490 HP of alpha damage.
X Controcarro 3 Minotauro   The Controcarro 3 Minotauro is the end of the line. It has a rotating turret with 90 degrees of total turret traverse angles (45 degrees to either side), as well as some other improvements over its predecessors. The 130 mm cannon's parameters are closer to those of heavies than TDs, which means its better suited to frontline engagements as a powerful breakthrough vehicle. With 530 HP of alpha damage, it performs brilliantly in both frontal assaults and positional hull-down duels, assisting heavies and putting pressure on the enemy in close combat.
VIII SMV CC-64 Vipera   Update 1.18 introduced players to a brand-new Italian Tech Tree tank destroyer line, but the Premium Shop provided the nation's first Premium TD. The SMV CC-64 Vipera packs a powerful autoloader that fires five shells in 24 seconds, with an unconventional six-second delay between shots. Add 400 HP of alpha damage, 220 mm of default penetration, 10 degrees of gun depression, a semi-traversable turret, and lots of frontal armor, and you have a potent battlefield predator that can cause a quick 2,000 DPM.
IX FV4201 Chieftain Proto   9/22

Waffenträger: Legacy brought a new nemesis, Ermelinda Jung, along with two brand-new Premium reward vehicles that could drop from the Engineer's Gate. The FV4201 Chieftain Proto is a multi-role heavy with an incredibly tough turret and decent frontal armor, great gun depression angles of 10 degrees, and a respectable 400 HP of damage per shot. It also boasts a good overall mix of characteristics, allowing it to dominate in positional battles or win one-on-one duels. Depending on the battlefield situation, it can lead the attack and carry the team or act as a powerful support vehicle.
VIII KV-4 KTTS   Similar to the KV-4 heavy tank, the KTTS tank destroyer plays like it looks: It moves slow but packs a punch. Armed with a 107 mm high-penetrating cannon that causes 360 HP of damage per shot with a reload time under nine seconds, the KV-4 KTTS features a rear-mounted turret and 90 degrees of gun traverse (45 degrees to either side). It can successfully sidescrape at the most effective angles from both cover and open terrain. The vehicle was a random drop from the Engineer's Gate during Waffenträger: Legacy.
V KV-1SA   11/30 Those who have been playing World of Tanks for four years got a Well-Deserved Reward: the KV-1SA. A little brother of the KV-1S, this Tier V Premium comes with a 76 mm five-round inverse autoreloader with the potential to cause 550 HP of burst damage.
III M16/43 Sahariano  

All players got a free gift upon logging in to the game for the first time during Holiday Ops 2023: the brand-new Premium Italian M16/43 Sahariano. Fast and maneuverable, it includes a fast-firing cannon that delivers a solid 70 mm of penetration with standard shells.
VIII M47 Iron Arnie   Holiday Ops 2023 introduced six brand-new Premium vehicles in Large Boxes. The biggest star among them is the multi-role M47 Iron Arnie. An improved M47 Patton II tank with an enhanced 105 mm armament and screened armor, it's the same vehicle personally owned by one of our Holiday Ops hosts! Excellent 230 mm of armor penetration with standard AP shells and outstanding frontal protection help compensate for could-be-better dynamics and aiming time.
VIII BZ-176   Another Holiday Ops Large Box prize, the BZ-176 is a monster. Not only does it pack a 160 mm cannon with good aiming time, 650 HP of damage per shot with standard AP shells, and 10 degrees of gun depression; it's also protected by excellent armor, including 250 mm in the turret. But the real grabber is the new jet booster mechanic, which increases the engine power and top forward speed. In the case of the BZ-176, it can boost its top speed from 30 km/h to 45 km/h. A Chinese Tech Tree branch of jet booster heavies is expected in 2023.
IX Char Mle. 75   Another brand-new vehicle in Holiday Ops 2023 Large Boxes, the Char Mle. 75 is the first Tier IX Premium light tank in the game and the first vehicle at this tier with a burst-fire autoloader. The 100 mm cannon is equipped with a six-shell autoloader that fires bursts of three shells (not single shots). Each shell causes 200 HP of damage. The tank also has two speed modes: standard (the default) and rapid (fast). A truly unique vehicle for your collection.
IV A25 Harry Hopkins I   A classic British light scout with a chassis from the Tetrarch I tank, the A25 Harry Hopkins I adds a reinforced hull and improved turret. Armed with a fast-firing 40 mm 2-pdr cannon, the vehicle will appeal to players with an aggressive and assertive playstyle.
V Pz.Kpfw. KW I (r)   Another Large Box potential prize. The Pz.Kpfw. KW I (r) is a captured KV-1 tank with a modernized turret and German cannon. These upgrades come with some trade-offs: a better damage-to-rate of fire ratio, less damage per shot, and a faster reload. The added commander's cupola on the turret is another double-edged sword: It increases the view range but also gives enemies a sweet target during hull-down exchanges.
V SU-2-122   Holiday Ops 2023 Large Boxes bore this gem. The SU-2-122 is a first: a double-barreled mid-tier tank destroyer. The play mechanics are the same as those for the Tier VIII–X Soviet twin-gun heavies: Fire each barrel in sequence, or let them loose simultaneously. Like the sawed-off shotgun the twin barrels resemble, the closer you are to the target, the better. Destroying an enemy with a double-barreled shot is quite satisfying.
IX Object 283   Aside from Large Boxes, players could grab another brand-new Premium vehicle during Holiday Ops 2023 another way. Obtained by chance from the Gift Terminal in players' Villages, the Object 283 is a rear-turreted reward vehicle that carries a 100 mm cannon with a sweet 2,300 DPM and 360 HP of damage with standard shells. Players could also win a rental of the vehicle.
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Well, that's a wrap for 2022—thank you for playing with us! And just in case you missed it, check out our trailer featuring a sneak peek at upcoming content planned for 2023!

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