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Ural Steel Is on Its Way! UPDATE

Ural Steel Tournament players have been waiting for a long time for the Grand Finals and now here it goes: Ural Steel Championship is to start in several days - on June 18th all the participants will meet each other in Moscow!

We are glad to inform that Ural Steel Tournament is sponsored by UralVagonZavod, one of the largest scientific and industrial complexes in Russia and the largest main battle tank manufacturer in the world. The Tournament is powered by the Russian Cyber-sport Federation, which made all its effort to make the Tournament as cool as it is. Alexander Gorbachenko says: "We did a great job, which took all our effort, but it is worth it!"

Ural Steel Championship gathered hundreds of warriors to fight for the thrilling opportunity to advance to Moscow Grand Finals. The Tournament comprises three Divisions: 6/60 Division, 8/90 Division, 10/140 Division.

After the hot qualifying matches several teams proved to be best on their game servers. Thus, Angels of Death, Iron Wolves and Red Sky are going to represent North-American server in Moscow. These winners get a great chance to opppose best European and Russian teams in the Grand Finals of Ural Steel Championship. We wish them good luck and to have easy win!

1SBP, Pirates and 1stPAD will represent European server, and RED-E: Pz, [STAL4] Centurion, [RED] Rush the middle, Unti, TK Border and [RED-B] Baikal are going to stand for the glory of the Russian server.

Being an international MMO game, World of Tanks engaged players from all countries of the world. We are glad to inform that more that 200 glorious warriors from the USA, Canada, Ireland, Poland, Argentine, Israel, Sri Lanka and Russia will gather in Moscow to fight for the prizes, provided by UralVagonZavod.

Now hold on tight, the prizes are top hot:

Winners of Ural Steel Tournament will be given powerful gaming laptops by HP.

Runner-ups will be awarded with 10-inch pads by Acer.

And third place holders will receive Acer netbooks.

Universal Sports and Entertainment Complex will gather Ural Steel Qualifying winners from the three server groups. At this stage we welcome all our players, all the contributors and new-comers to join us there in Moscow and cheer for the honour of your favourite team and server!

Visit us in Moscow and stay tuned for more World of Tanks!

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UPD. Upon arrival all participants of Ural Steel Championship will be met by representstives. If you cannot find a person mentioned in the instructions sent to you primarily, please, do not panic! Wait until your name will be announced by public address system.

Remember the address of the hotel you will be staying in while in Moscow. The Hotel Complexes Izmailovo (section - Gamma). Address: The Hotel Complexes Izmailovo (Gamma-Delta): 105613, Moscow, Izmailovskoye shosse., 71,  (Izmaylovskiy Park Underground Station) Telephone: +7(495) 737-7000.