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8.7 Update Notes

UPDATE, 09:55 PDT on July 23, 2013: Fixed errors in tier listing for some vehicles.


The 8.7 Update is nearly here! Discover all of the new game content coming soon to World of Tanks. We'll have more updates soon to reveal the dates and times we plan to roll out the next game update, so stay tuned!

8.7 Update Notes

New Content

- Added the new branch of SPGs in the British tech tree:

  • Loyd Gun Carriage (tier II)
  • Sexton II (tier III)
  • Birch Gun (tier IV)
  • Bishop (tier V)
  • FV304 (tier VI)
  • Crusader 5.5-in. SP (tier VII)
  • FV207 (tier VIII)
  • FV3805 (tier IX)
  • Conqueror Gun Carriage (tier X)
- Added a new Soviet light tank, the MT-25 (tier VI), as the replacement for the T-50-2. After the update, owners of T-50-2 will own the MT-25
  • If T-50-2 vehicle was researched, then MT25 will also be researched
  • If T-50-2 was available in hangar, it will be replaced by MT25
  • Crew with specialization T-50-2 will be retrained for MT25; will receive a 100% trained Radioman for MT25 as additional crewman
  • Camouflage patterns and statistics will move from T-50-2 to MT25
  • Experience from T-50-2 will be moved to MT25
  • Experience from T-50 will be moved to KV-1S
  • New ammunition won't be added
  • Emblems and inscriptions from T-50-2 will be sold per purchase price

- Added Premium British tier III SPG: Sexton I 
- Added Premium German tier VII tank destroyer: E-25
- Added new USSR-themed map: Severogorsk

Map Changes

- Reworked Highway and Port maps for the new rendering engine
- Removed Assault game mode from the Westfield and Malinovka maps
- Modified and optimized several special effects
- Fixed several destructible objects; these objects previously slowed the tank
- Modified and improved visual models of environment objects
- Fixed several problems with the matchmaker that took place after 8.6 Update
- Increased number of names and surnames of different tankers of all nations
- Fixed collision models of several objects and buildings
- Fixed issues in receiving Lucky and Sniper achievements

Vehicle Changes

- VK 30.02 (D) 

  • Maybach HL 210 P30 engine changed with Maybach HL 210 TRM P30 engine

- Rebalanced the Т-50

  • Gun dispersion of movement and turning decreased by 4%
  • Suspension resist on all soils reduced on 15%
  • Added V-3 engine
  • Removed M17E engine
  • Removed M-5-400F Bis engine
  • Tank price changed from 200,000 to 140,000 credits
  • Max speed reduced by 8km/h
  • Declination angles of 37mm automatic Sh-37 gun reduced by 2 degrees
  • Reloading time of 45mm 20K gun reduced from 2.3 to 2.1 sec
  • Ammo rack of 45mm BT-42 increased by 10
  • Inclination angle of 45mm BT-42 changed from 25 to 19 degrees
  • Declination angle of 45 mm BT-42 changed from 7 to 4 degrees
  • Reloading time of 45mm BT-42 gun reduced from 2.3 to 2.1 sec
  • Added 45mm BT-43 gun
  • Removed 57mm ZiS-8 gun
  • Turret turning speed of T-50 turret from 45 to 48 degrees per second