Update Lag Issues Post 6.4 Eliminated

The recent release of the 6.4 update led to an increase in the amount of traffic which affected our previously stable network connections. The lag issue on the US server was local, however it did affect a large part of the Eastern United States (and all related traffic that goes through it).

The servers in our data center have been working fine all the time and their capacity is sufficient for the time being.

We have performed several hardware and network reconfigurations on our end and held scheduled maintenance in the data center in the United States which enabled us to solve the issue. Currently the traceroute tests are showing no packet loss and acceptable pings.

We are grateful to the players who submitted information either to support service or on the forums. It has made a crucial impact on the progress.

The connection quality for players from the United States and Oceania is expected to return to pre-update values, the lags are gone. With the view of improving the quality of our services we are considering the purchase of more powerful and reliable server equipment.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support.

World of Tanks Development Team

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