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Update 9.6 Available Now!

Join us on the battlefield!
9.6 is Available Now!

Update 9.6 is ready for deployment! In this next step up for World of Tanks, you'll find some big changes to Crew, vehicles, and even a couple of new tanks for some previously under-represented nations.

Here's some of the highlights of this new Update:

New Premium Vehicles

The Japanese and French lines each welcome a new tier VIII medium tank to their Premium line-up: for Japan, the STA-2, and for France, the AMX CDC -- both help bolster their respective nations' roster of Premium vehicles, which of course can aid in earning more Credits and training assistance for Crew members.

Read the full story on these new vehicles!

Crew Requalification

No more wasted talent among the ranks in your Garage -- now, Crew members can have their qualifications changed to your liking. Drivers can become Commanders, Loaders can be Gunners, heavy tank specialists can move to light tanks, and so on.

New Reserves in Strongholds

If you're a Strongholds player, your Clan's map can now include two new buildings that produce new and devastating Reserves: Artillery Strike and Airstrike. Bring enemies to your knees with these new resources!

Learn more about how these Reserves work!

Vehicle Rebalancing

A host of light tanks and tank destroyers have had their parameters changed for this update. With various tweaks to aiming and reload speeds, among others, players will find TDs to be more team-dependent, and light tanks increasing their relevance in battle.

Social Network Login

A new feature for the game client pilot-tested on the NA server lets you create a World of Tanks account or log in "one-click" style using Facebook or Google+ accounts. Install and start World of Tanks as usual, and the login screen will display the option to use these services to log in. Set up the account binding, and go! Here's some fast facts on this feature:

Social network login DOES...
o Let you start World of Tanks without typing email addresses and passwords
o Make it easier to switch accounts and play if you share a computer (i.e., families)
o Let you log in if you forget your World of Tanks password (password resets are still encouraged!)
o Save time!

Social network login DOES NOT...
x Skip account registration (you will be asked to create an account to establish the social network link)
x Post status updates

x Upload/share screenshots or replays
x Permanently bind social and Wargaming accounts (you can always unbind in Account Management)
x Give Wargaming any personal information
x Affect account security (Accounts remain separate at a basic level. Always keep your passwords safe and unique!)

View the nitty-gritty of all this update's additions and improvements in the full Update Notes!