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Update 9.3 Is Now Available!


After doing its rounds in the Public Test and coming out unscathed, Update 9.3 is ready for prime time! A whole host of new awesomeness is coming your way. Here are just some of the new features and improvements heading to your World of Tanks experience.

New Light Tanks

A collection of formidable war machines make there way into World of Tanks as three popular nations welcome a selection of entirely new vehicles. In this update, we're building out the light tank branches of these respective tech trees. Time to climb into a brand new commander's hatch!

  • USA: T37 (tier VI), M41 Walker Bulldog (tier VII), T49 (tier VIII)
  • USSR: LTTB (tier VII), Т-54 lightweight (tier VIII)
  • Germany: Spahpanzer RU-251 (tier VIII)



M41 Walker Bulldog


Strongholds Update

This new addition to the Clan Wars universe takes new shape! While technically a part of Clan Wars, Strongholds is seeing some improvements on the back of Update 9.3. Check out some of the highlights:

  • New building: "War Department," which will deploy reserves. The reserves will randomly generate missions for all Clan members
  • No more limits for players who are assigned to buildings
  • Positions in a Clan will be revised

Gather your Clan and get ready for new and improved ways to fight in this mode!

More HD Tanks

Update 9.3 continues our work on upgrading tank models for greater definition and realism. This time around, the ISU-152, T-34, IS-7, M3 Lee, M5 Stuart, and Jagdpanther will be seeing enhanced models! In accordance, their collision models will also be improved to maintain accuracy. Take a look!





Please note that the HD-texture pack is supplied separately from updating the client via the game launcher. For more information on how to obtain the new HD-texture pack be sure to visit our Download page.

Special Promotions

Rally Mode

As we revealed previously, a limited-edition Rally mode will be available shortly after the Update 9.3 launch. Defy the common perception of a tank's speed and race on a version of the Port map with custom vehicles. Blast your enemies as you race to the finish; hold down the cap to win!

Vehicle Changes

A wealth of adjustments, mostly weapon-focused, have arrived for tanks of almost every nation, which are detailed in full in the update notes. But we've plucked a few of the highlights:

  • The M24 Chaffee is fully rebalanced and gets a new turret
  • The KV-1S moves down from tier VI to tier V; in its place will be the new KV-85
  • Tier V-VIII light tanks will see increased suspension durability

...And More!

Of course, we're obligated to say that at the end. It's no less true, though -- lots more nitty-gritty details on this update can be found in our full update notes. Have a look, and get ready to Roll Out!