Update 9.19.1: Boot Camp

Update 9.19.1 reinvents the in-game onboarding experience with Boot Camp, an interactive system of tips and tutorials for newcomers and battle-hardened tankers alike. It offers a step-by-step crash course on game basics, from the Garage interface through to combat tactics and maneuvers. So if you’ve been waiting for a chance to play with more friends, now’s the moment to get them on board!

Today, we invite you on a quick guided tour of this new learning course to explain how it can be instrumental in onboarding first-time tankers and brushing up your knowledge of the game. Let’s get to it!

The Learning Curve

Boot Camp is meant to get first-time tankers up to speed without information overload, guiding them through the game one function at a time, pointing out elements that might be hard for newcomers to understand and offering a thorough explanation. Learning begins with mastering combat basics, followed by a walkthrough of the Garage interface, reinforced with a set of tips explaining how to interact with each of its elements. Once the player’s got a grip on them, they can study tactical maneuvers against computer-controlled opponents in a series of four battles:

    1. During your first Boot Camp battle you’re given several simple tasks in driving and shooting with tips to help you complete them. Nailing those earns you your first vehicle. There’re three for you to choose from: the T2 Medium Tank, Pz.Kpfw. 35 (t), and T-26.

    2. As you go up a stage, you study how to detect an enemy, aim at a moving target, and shoot using the sniper aim. This is also when armor is explained. Afterward the learning continues in the Garage where you get to grips with vehicle upgrades.

    3. The next battle introduces the minimap and teaches basic detection and stealth techniques. You learn how a well-timed base capture can turn the tables and lead your team to victory; when to confront an enemy head-on and when a well-thought-out flanking maneuver will do a much better job. Then, back to the Garage to find out about Crew members and associated Skills and Perks. Completing Stage 3 will get you a 100% Crew with the Six Sense perk that notifies you if the vehicle’s been spotted after three seconds.

    4 .The fourth lesson is built around consumables. As the training battle unfolds, your Tier III tank comes under attack. You’re to deal with module and Crew damage quickly and get back on track. Special hints are there to show you the consumable to use in each situation with an explanation. The Garage part of the lesson explains purchasing and installing consumables and equipment, while also introducing Battle Missions.

The Final Test

Boot Camp ends with an exam of sorts, putting your newly acquired skills to the test against a team of 15 bots with another 14 bots fighting on your side. If you don’t win from the get go, you can always try again. Completing the last test with flying colors will get you 500 Gold and 3 days of Premium Account time.


By finishing Boot Camp, first-time tankers and those who haven’t completed combat training before can hit the ground running in Random Battles, while keeping everything they’ve earned over the training course (two vehicles, 100% Crew, XP, Credits, Gold, and Premium Account time). Those who finished the training before 9.19.1 and enroll in Boot Camp merely to revise the basics, get to brush up their knowledge and step up their game.

Getting Started

If you just downloaded the game client, you’ll be prompted to complete Boot Camp after launching it the first time. If you’ve seen your share of tank combat, but want a refresher course, just left-click the Esc key and choose “Boot Camp” in the tab:

When creating Boot Camp, we tried walking in every player’s shoes, identifying elements that tend to be the most confusing to newcomers, and hope that the new training course will help you make your first steps in the game. We’re open to your suggestions and feedback as we continue to work on the onboarding experience, expanding it with new missions and interactive tutorials. Head over to the forum to share your feedback with us!

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