Update 7.1.1 Release on March 13


World of Tanks team is glad to announce that 13 March, 2012, a provisional update v.7.1.1 is successfully released for the North American community. Please note that premium account will not be compensated due to short-term downtime of the server.  You can dowload the 7.1.1 update here:


File packaging

  • A new mechanism of file packaging ensuring optimized loading of the in-game maps.

Separate folder for user-made game modifications (mods)

  • With every new update, the game will be installed with a ‘clean’ client and with a separate folder for user-made game modifications (mods)
  • Players will have a better control over their mods. They will be able to use mods by keeping them in a separate folder, without having to change game files.

To find out more about installing mods to this new folder, check out this handy guide by player iamablocker!

Please note that due to technical aspects of the 7.1.1 update, Global Map will be unavailable from 08:00 UTC, March 13, until 08:00 UTC, March 15 (1:00 AM PDT, March 13, till 1:00 AM PDT, March 15).

Follow the updates and stay tuned with us!

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