Upcoming Events Preview: Operations


We’re always looking for new in-game event ideas, and starting in December we’re planning to introduce a new concept to the monthly events calendar. The event is tentatively called an “Operation” and involves earning medals within World of Tanks.

The lowdown on Operations

An announcement will go up on the community portal the day before an event begins, and while the event is active you’ll receive in-game notifications telling you of the medal to earn.

When earning the medal, you’ll automatically receive bonus rewards at the end of the battle. You’ll be able to see the bonus reward by opening up your battle results and checking the “Detailed Report” tab. You’ll find the reward listed as “for event” in either the Credits or Experience section.

Wait… credits or experience?!

That’s right—earning medals appropriate to the Operation will reward you with either credits or experience. This is generally based on the difficulty to achieve a medal, but will also change from time to time to offer a different reward.

Some examples*:

While “Operation Top Gun” is active, earning the Top Gun medal will reward you with 20,000 additional credits.

While “Operation Invader” is active, earning the Invader medal will reward you with 1,000 additional experience.

While “Operation Steel Wall” is active, earning the Steel Wall medal will reward you with 7,000 additional credits.

*- May not represent final reward values.

Now comes the feedback part; let us know in the comments:

  • What medals would you like to see included in these events?
  • What medals do you think are the most difficult to obtain?
  • Which medals do you feel aren’t difficult enough to achieve to warrant an event?

As mentioned above, we plan to roll this new event type out starting in December. If things change we will be sure to keep you updated.

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