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Upcoming Events for October


Here are all the events that we have scheduled for the month of October. Not all the details are included, but as we get closer to these dates we will be posting more information for each one. We want you to be aware of what is going to happen so you can prepare youselves adequately (especially for the Halloween Contest!).

The Battle of Overloon MVP and the Scheldt Campaign Contests are already underway so be sure to send your submissions in by email at:

October 2nd is the last day for teams to sign up for the IGN Tournament. Get your team together and fight for your chance to get $600 worth of prizes!

October 2nd

Scheldt Campaign Writing Contest ends

No more submissions will be accepted after Oct. 2, so be sure to send in your writing by then! All the information you need about this contest can be found here.

September 30 – October 2nd

Battle of Overloon MVP Contest

This contest is underway! Do your best this weekend, send us your screenshots, and you may win a total of 8000 gold!

All details about this contest can be found here.

October 4th – October 9th

IGN Tournament

IGN tournament matches will start on October 4th! A total of 64 teams will fight to win these great prizes! For more information, click here.

October 7th – October 9th

Kill the Courier Event

Prepare yourselves to find the courier and win gold! You can earn 250g when you destroy a courier vehicle (and submit the screenshot!).

October 14th

Battle of Moscow Twitter Quiz

Test your knowledge by answering our Twitter questions and you have a chance of winning at least 200 gold! We will also be holding a special during this weekend.

October 21st – 23rd

El Alamein Special

In honor of the Battle of El Alamein, we will be increasing your chances to battle on the maps of Sand River and El Hallouf, and there will be another special this weekend.

October 28th – October 31st

Halloween Contest

For Halloween, we will be holding a weekend-long Twitter contest and a Halloween costume contest! Start working on your costumes..

More details to come...