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Upcoming Events for December

December events

Tankers! Are you ready for your upcoming events and contests for December? For the last month of this year, we have planned some fun events and contests for you. Here is a sneak peek of upcoming events.

For the beginning of December, we are organizing a Twitter quiz about Georgy Zhukov as well as another All Star Event revolving around a medium tank!


The following weekend, around December 9, we will be looking for some more valuable players, especially those that can damage or destroy some higher tier tanks...


As for the Battle of the Bulge around December 16th, be prepared for a double event around this famous battle!


For Christmas, and also to honor the Battle of Luzon, we will be organizing an Art contest that will require a certain sense of humor.


Finally, to end the year well, we will be looking for more All Stars to celebrate our best and brightest players.


Please remember that these are only the events and contests for the month of December. Discounts and Specials are not shared in this post, and will be posted at a later date.