Upcoming Clan Wars Maintenance


In order to deploy improvements for Clan Wars and the Ultimate Conquest website, we will be disabling Clan Wars battles on the Global Map on October 11, 2011 at 12PM PDT / 19:00 UTC. The Ultimate Conquest website will also be unavailable during this downtime, with maintenance taking place. After Clan Wars returns, you will not need to re-register on the new website or create new game accounts. We currently expect the Clan Wars and Ultimate Conquest maintenance to last up to 60 hours.

The World of Tanks game server will be available during this maintenance period.

Once we bring the Ultimate Conquest website back online, we will be introducing the following new rules to Clan Wars:

  • If a province has no direct connection to the clan headquarters (or through other provinces), then the clan will no longer earn income from the specified province. If a clan does not have a headquarters, they will not earn income from owned provinces.
  • If a clan currently owns one or more provinces on the Global Map, it cannot apply for landing.
  • If there are multiple attacks scheduled for a single province, attackers must first fight against each other. The winning clan will then face the owner of the province in the final match.

Stay tuned to the World of Tanks community website, Facebook and Twitter for continued updates!

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