Unified Accounts Reminder

TitleIn July 2011 World of Tanks development team sent messages to the players about the nickname change if the player's game account nickname did not coincide with their forum account nickname. The full news article about the change is here.

The unified account allows a player to visit the World of Tanks game, forum, community website and other services using a single login.

That time the following actions took place:

  • If the same email was chosen for the player's game account and forum account, then the nickname on the forum was changed to the game account nickname.
  • If the player was registered on the forum but had no game account, then the player was to submit a ticket on Technical Support Service website to solve the issue. If the player was registered on the forum but had no game account and did not submit a ticket, then the forum account was deleted.
  • If the player had the game account but did not register on the forum, then the respective player's forum account with the same username was created on the forum.

At the moment the introduced unified account system is active, allowing you the quick and efficient access to the World of Tanks services.

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