Account Merge Request Period Ends December 18


Our Unified Premium Account is the best way to enjoy World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and soon World of Warships! With an upcoming version update for World of Warplanes, we are making changes to the way "legacy" accounts are being handled.

Since unveiling Unified Premium Accounts, some players have continued playing World of Tanks and World of Warplanes with separate, non-unified accounts, and we have fulfilled manual unification requests for some time. However, on December 18, 2013, we will cease accepting these unification requests, and will be converting all separate, non-unified accounts into individual Unified Premium Accounts.

Any World of Tanks content on the account(s) will remain unchanged, but World of Warplanes content will be converted back to its value in Gold/Credits/Experience, or kept depending on the content type -- please read below for specifics! 

World of Warplanes Content That Will Be Transferred

  • Total experience earned on a World of Warplanes account will become Free Experience on the new unified account. Specific planes and modules will not be automatically unlocked
  • All paid content and Beta reward planes
    • Paid content includes Gold, Premium time, reward planes, pre-order planes, purchased Premium Shop planes, and Hangar slots and crew training purchased with Gold

World of Warplanes Content That Will Not Be Transferred

  • Specific planes (non-Premium or rewarded): You will receive the lump sum of Free Experience, but not the planes themselves
  • Equipment, modules, and ammunition: You will receive the lump sum Credit value for the equipment, but not for ammo, limited-time camouflage, or pilot training costs (though, again, you will receive Gold for pilots that were trained with Gold)
  • Statistics, emblems, achievements
  • Crew Experience: Not transferred, but Premium/reward planes will automatically receive 100% trained crews
  • Camouflage/Exteriors: Gold value will be transferred, but not specific camos, including limited-time camos, emblems, nose art, etc.
  • Beta emblem and camouflage rewards
  • Player nickname
  • 75 Gold earned from Tutorial missions: This can always be re-played/re-earned

All in all, we strongly recommend using a Unified Premium Account. If you have separate accounts and wish to have them unified before the December 18 cutoff date, please act now! Get in touch with Support to complete the process.

We here at Wargaming appreciate your understanding in this shift in service, and invite you to experience the benefits of Unified Premium Accounts in all of our games!