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Ultimate Conquest and Clan Wars Overview by GDN

"The Ultimate Conquest gives clans the opportunity to fight against each other, fifteen versus fifteen, every night. Battling over territory that rewards its owner with in game gold, clans can spread their wings and create an empire across the world. Currently in the NA servers you can battle over Europe, the Mediterranean and Northern Africa."

The overview provided by Gamer's Daily News describes major features and peculiarities of Ultimate Conquest, special clan wars held within World of Tanks.

"Long term plans for Ultimate Conquest include developing the entire planet as a playing ground, mingling all servers so RU can fight NA, and vice versa. Additionally there will be 3 different divisions to offer lower skilled clans a chance to fight similarly skilled opponents."

 The gaming source depicts diplomatic and financial aspects of Ultimate Conquest, pointing out bonuses gained from captured provinces. Other features described are the introduction of sabotage, which will intensify the gameplay, and 24 hour cool down on Tanks for each time zone. 

"Wargaming is constantly expanding the features of the clan wars system, and it has huge potential. Eventually, when the Ultimate Conquest map spans the entire earth, things will be much more competitive between clans as well as time zones."

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