Vehicle Trade-in Offer!

Got an old Premium vehicle collecting dust? Here’s your chance to put it to some good use: Trade old Premiums for shiny new ones at a reduced price!

Vehicle Trade-In: Volume 9

TRADE-IN PERIOD BEGINS: May 18 at 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET
TRADE-IN PERIOD ENDS: June 1 at 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET

Are You Eligible?

You can trade in a Tier VI-VIII Premium tank when you buy a new Premium vehicle from the Tech Tree of the same or higher Tier. When trading in, half of the old vehicle’s value in Gold will be deducted from the price of the new one. Only one vehicle can be traded in at a time.

Vehicles That Can Be Traded In


How to Trade


Example Trade: 

Say you want to buy the Löwe, which costs 12,500 Gold. In exchange, you’d like to trade in your old Dicker Max, which normally costs 3,200 Gold.

Just like when selling vehicles gives you half the original value in Credits, trading in your old Premium tank will get you half of its value in Gold, which is then deducted from the total price of the tank you’re buying.

In this example, trading in your Dicker Max gets you half of its Gold price, 1,600. That lowers the price of the Löwe by the same amount, leaving 10,900 Gold as the cost to buy.

Important: Active Premium tank discounts may affect the value of the vehicle you’re trading in, if that vehicle is currently on discount. Discounted vehicles will be marked accordingly in the trade-in window.

How to Trade In

From the tech tree, choose the eligible vehicle you’d like to buy. 

Tech Tree: Tank Purchase Window:

Depending on how much Gold you have, the tank’s shown in two different ways:

Sufficient Gold: Insufficient Gold:

Once you’ve decided, right-click the vehicle and choose “Purchase” or “Trade In.”

You’ll see a list of tanks that can be traded in, ordered by price. This includes every eligible vehicle, even those currently in battle, not repaired or in a Platoon. Click on them to see their stats.

The trade-in menu also has the ability to add things like basic ammunition, Crew training, etc.


Keep in Mind…

  • This feature is only available during the dates and times listed above
  • Can only trade in vehicles of a lower or equal Tier to the vehicle for purchase, and no lower than Tier VI
  • Only one vehicle can be traded per transaction
  • Gold price may be affected by Premium tank discounts
  • Ammo, equipment, and consumables loaded on the trade-in vehicle will automatically be dismounted and placed in the Depot for free
  • Camo, emblems, and inscriptions on the trade-in vehicle will go to the Depot; however, as they’re vehicle-bound, you can only use them again if you get the tank back in the future
  • Crew on the trade-in vehicle automatically goes the Barracks; if there aren’t enough free bunks in the Barracks, the trade-in won’t be possible
  • Trade-in vehicles can’t be restored using the in-game Restore feature
  • When trading in, you don’t need to buy an extra Garage Slot, since the new vehicle will take the old vehicle's Slot

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