New Map Revealed: Pearl River


We're pleased to present the first in a long line of new maps to be introduced into World of Tanks, Pearl River. As you'll be able to tell almost immediately, it's a map that derives inspiration from the asian highlands.

The battles on this map take place high in the mountains and in a remote city settled on the shores of the Pearl River. There isn't as much cover from artillery fire as you may be used to, but there is plenty of vegetation and low hills to help you stay out of sight. There are many avenues of approach to each of the asymetrically placed flags -- choose wisely. According to our development team, the best defense for this map is a strong offense!

While you do have to wait until the 8.5 update is released (you can find more news about development here), we hope that the gallery below will help to tide you over until the big day.

Pearl River Gallery