Top Secret Tank Event

Thanks for laughing along with us on April 1st!

BREAKING NEWS! Your feedback has been heard, and Karl will live to see another day -- two, in fact! The availability of Karl and its related mode have been extended through the weekend until Monday, April 7 at 04:20 PDT (11:20 UTC).


Meet Karl, full name: Karl-Gerät -- the newest artillery vehicle in World of Tanks. Karl is a real blast from the past in more ways than one, and we're giving all players a chance to try out this unique tank in a special promotion that will also help us gauge feedback in including these kinds of vehicles in the future.

Beginning today, April 1, logging in to your account will add the Karl vehicle to your Garage, and you can immediately start playing with this extraordinary artillery vehicle. Due to the nature of this promotion, the Karl has a number of restrictions placed upon it -- mainly, 7v7 battles only with other Karls ("Labyrinth" mode) on a special map, "8-Bit Tales;" and no Credit or XP earning, for instance -- but a number of advantages to offset that as well, such as shells provided at no charge, and a ridiculously fast reload speed that keeps the action at a high level of intensity. 

In addition, we have a selection of Karl-themed missions to sweeten the deal, with a chance to earn 5,000.

In Karl we trust.

Roll Out!


Karl Missions

Start Date: Tuesday, April 1, 04:00 PDT (07:00 EDT)

End Date: Friday, April 4, 03:30 PDT (06:30 EDT) Monday, April 7, 04:20 PDT (07:20 EDT)

Mission/Objective Reward

Enter Karl

Log in. Karl is added to your Garage.


Peaceful Karl

Win a battle without destroying any ally vehicles.

  • Karl only
  • Once per account

Medal: "Operation Nostalgia"

Top 5 Karl

Win a battle in Karl as one of the top 5 damage dealers.

  • Karl only
  • Repeatable