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Tier IX dispatch

Tier IX Dispatch


We have often stated that Tier IX vehicles would be never discounted. But there is always place for surprises and all rules have exclusions. The time has come for an exceptional special!

Starting at 4.30 AM PDT (11.30 UTC) July 28th and lasting until 4.30 AM PDT (11.30 UTC)  August 1st enjoy the following discounts! Curious what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out.

Following Tier 9 Tank Destroyers will cost as current Tier 8 TD's during the special:

  • Tier IX Object 704 (cost during special - 2 520 000)
  • Tier IX Jagdtiger (cost during special - 2 570 000)
  • Tier IX T30 (cost during special - 2 650 000)
  • Tier IX Т95 (cost during special - 2 580 000)
  • Tier  IX AMX 50 Foch (cost during special - 2 570 000)

And this is not all! Following Medium Tanks also get their place in the discount!

  • СТ IX Т-54 (cost during special - 2 085 000)
  • СТ IX Е-50 (cost during special - 1 991 000)
  • СТ IX M46 Patton (cost during special - 2 103 000)
  • СТ VIII Lorraine 40t (cost during special - 1 345 000)

Do not miss your chance to get ready for new vehicles in 7.5! And do not forget that Operation Cobra is still running!

Please keep in mind that selling the above listed tanks during the sale will only yield a 50% return of the discounted price.