[COMPLETED] The Auction Time Is Nigh!

Attention: The lot auctions/event end dates in the article were incorrect. They have since been corrected. We apologize for any inconvenience.


There has been a lot going on in the game lately, including Battle Pass Season VIII approaching its timely end. But now, we have one more event to add to your calendar. Do not miss out on the upcoming auction! From August 18 through August 21, prepare to bid on rare vehicles, exquisite styles, and an exclusive Warhammer 40,000-themed offer. So, get your credits, gold, and Free XP ready!

The Auction
Thursday, August 18 at 06:00 PT | 08:00 CT | 09:00 ET
Sunday, August 21 at 19:00 PT | 21:00 CT | 22:00 ET

Auction Lots

Each day of the auction, a new lot will appear at 06:00 PT | 08:00 CT | 09:00 ET and will become unavailable at 19:00 PT | 21:00 CT | 22:00 ET. On certain days, you will even have the chance to bid on two separate lots. Most of the lots will be entirely new offers, but there also will be a few familiar ones that are sure to be in high demand. And, of course, stay tuned for the Warhammer 40,000 lot, as you can never have enough Warhammer 40,000-inspired stuff!

Accessing the Auction

You can enter the auction via the special page in the in-game Store.

Auction Mechanics


1. Once you’re on the auction screen, you can bid what you’re willing to pay for the lot. This amount will automatically be deducted from your account.

Please remember: If the cost of a lot is specified in gold, the use of credits or Free XP will not be possible, and vice versa.

2. If you decide to change or cancel your bid, you are free to do so until the lot is active. After that time, bids cannot be modified or canceled, and no new bids will be accepted. If you cancel a bid, the spent amount of gold, credits, or Free XP will be returned to your account. Bids will be returned, and lots will be credited to the auction winners within four hours after the deadline for accepting bids.

3. The number of winning players will depend on the number of items available. If multiple players make the lowest winning bid and there are more of these players than items to be distributed, the players who made the bids earliest will be awarded the item.


If 500 auction participants made identical lowest winning bids and there are only 400 items to be distributed, the 400 earliest bids will win.

4. Every lot will be sold at either a closed or open auction. If the auction is a closed one, players will know the lot’s contents, the number of available items, the minimum bid, and the deadline for accepting new bids. If the auction is an open one, players will also know the number of bids that have already been made. Once the number of bids exceeds the number of available items in an open auction, players will also be able to see the competitive (median) bid.

5. The winners receive their goods. The remaining auction participants receive their bids back in full.

6. Items won in the auction are non-refundable.


Place your bids and win, Commanders!

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