Tech Tree Focus: UK Jan 21-25


The British Tanks have made their mark on the World of Tanks® battlefields, and we want everyone to be able to enjoy the strengths and know the feel of these magnificent machines. This week's Focus discount runs up the UK heavy line, we hope you can take advantage of the savings!

These discounts will start on 03:30 PST (11:30 UTC) on January 21, 2013 and run until 03:00 PST (11:00 UTC) on January 25, 2013. Wondering what time this starts in your neck of the woods? Use this handy Time Zone Conversion tool.

50% Credit Discount on the Following Vehicles

III Vickers Medium Mk. III Vickers Medium Mk. III  
Matilda Matilda

Churchill I Churchill I

Churchill VII Churchill VII

Black Prince Black Prince


Selling any of the tanks listed above during this sale will only yield a 50% return of the sale price as credits.

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