Team NUC Lands Sponsorship


We’re excited to introduce eLevate, the newest sponsored team in the League North America. Formerly NUC of the WGLNA Bronze League, the team finished first in regular season standings and hold the expectation of qualifying for the Gold League. They were initially picked up by Exertus which has just recently merged with pro gaming giant, eLevate. According to the team, their goal is to be the best World of Tanks team in the world!

Team captain, zoidbergenstein, had this to say:

"The NUC World of Tanks team is happy to find a place that they feel shares their enthusiasm, passion, and desire to push not only themselves to their limits, but can help bring World of Tanks to the forefront of North American eSports."

The WGLNA would like to officially welcome eLevate to the league and we look forward to seeing great things! Click here to read our interview with Zoidbergeinstein.

What Sponsorship Brings to eSports

Gaming sponsors are actively looking for the next best teams. Sponsorship symbolizes a graduation from amateur to professional eSports teams, reaching a level of success where competitive gaming is a livelihood. With sponsorship, the groundwork is laid for other amateur teams to follow.

As teams drive for a sponsorship that comes with success, more teams will be encouraged to join the competitive scene and lift World of Tanks to new and exciting competitive heights. The League already sees fully sponsored teams in other regions but the list of NA sponsored teams is just beginning to grow. The sky is the limit for every player out there and dreams of professional gaming are at the doorstep of World of Tanks players on the NA server!