Tanksgiving Special Now Active

Tanksgiving Special


On Monday we offered a preview of “Tanksgiving Special” and now it’s time to take the full details out of the oven!

Between November 24th @ 11:30AM UTC and November 28th @ 11:00AM UTC, all World of Tanks NA players will have access to:

  • 5x experience for the first victory each day, on all of your tanks
  • Save up to 58% on all premium shells
  • Double credit income on the following tanks:
    • America
      • M4A3E2
      • M4A3E8
    • Germany
      • StuG III
      • JagdPz IV
    • Russia
      • SU-5
      • SU-8
  • 50% off the following Premium tanks:
    • M22 Locust
    • T-15
    • T-127

Be sure to feast on these discounts and bonuses while they last! They’ll be returning to normal on November 28th, 2011.