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Holiday Premium Shop Deals


The seasons are changing and that means the holidays are almost upon us. First up is one of the most enjoyable holidays of the fall, a day when people gather around a bountiful feast and have a jolly old time -- Tanksgiving!

And in this case, the bountiful feast is heavy metal armament, bound up tightly with twine in a series of great bundles in our Premium Shop. We've got deals on vehicles and items across the board! It all starts on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, with a grouping of items guaranteed to leave you filling full.

But we're only getting started. On Black Friday (November 29), we'll be rolling out some serious deals that might make you think twice about filling up on leftovers. And after we loosen our belts over the weekend, we'll be coming back one last time with yet another collection of deals on Cyber Monday, December 2.

No two bundles are the same! As we launch our bundles, we'll add the links to this page, so feel free to bookmark this link for handy reference!

Tanksgiving at the Premium Shop

Tanksgiving Premium Shop Bundles - November 28-December 2 [Concluded]

A currency cornucopia is on offer in these bundles.

Black Friday Premium Shop Bundles - November 29-30 [Concluded]

An assortment of powerful tanks is gearing up to ravage the battlefield on Black Friday.

Cyber Monday Premium Shop Bundles - December 2-3 [Concluded]

We've still got something special to end the holiday weekend as we offer a host of bundles featuring a certain tank with its own mythological reputation.

Happy shopping and happy holidays!