Tanks Through Time: Prologue to the Event of September

Legend has it that humanity once faced a threat so terrifying that we found ourselves on the verge of extinction. From this bitter struggle arose an organization of knights tasked with the discovery and protection of lost artifacts -- The Conclave.
Hailed as the saviors of humanity, these knights defended our right to exist by using technology that let them create replicas of four ancient weapons. While records are hazy, it's believed that The Conclave, having secured humanity’s future, utilized temporal runes to send these weapons through time, never to be seen again.
Decades later, The Conclave has evolved into a band of experienced treasure hunters. Having proven yourself in The Gauntlet, you have now been called upon by The Conclave to seek and recover something they once thought was lost for all time...


Greetings! This month, World of Tanks introduces Tanks Through Time, a wild and crazy adventure where opportunities to get rare tanks, valuable items and more await you around every corner! Like recent month-long events, Tanks Through Time will challenge you with a series of missions to collect Tokens and gain special rewards -- one of the first will be the E 25 tank destroyer (for 14 Tokens)!

Within these missions, you'll "defeat a mini-boss," "defend other treasure hunters," and engage in an end-of-month adventure to earn your Tokens. Every treasure hunter can acquire a single Token by dealing 15,000 points of damage over any number of battles!

As the weeks go on, we'll uncover the aforementioned "ancient weapons" -- extremely rare or otherwise unseen armored vehicles. Weekend and weekday events will happen concurrently throughout September, forming an unmissable globe-hopping adventure!

Questions? Don't worry, all will be revealed in due time. Keep watch on the World of Tanks website for updates from The Conclave as you continue on your perilous journey.

Tanks Through Time Month-Long Missions
Hunter Elite | Ronin Hunters

Hunter Elite

Starts Tuesday, September 1 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends Thursday, October 1 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET


Hunter - Rising Star
Every 3 Completions

Complete any of the following missions* 3 times cumulatively:

Weekday Objectives:
"Obligatory Miniboss (1/2)"
"Obligatory Miniboss - Final Form (2/2)"

Weekend Objectives:
"Defending Your Friends' Escape"

End-of-Month Objectives:
"This Belongs In A Museum!"
"Power Of The Ancients"

*Complete mission details TBA!

  • 10 times per account

Personal Reserves:

50% XP Booster (1 hour, no expiration)

Hunter - Elite
14 Completions

Complete any of the same missions above 14 times cumulatively.

  • Once per account

E 25
+ 50% Crew + Garage Slot

(If vehicle already owned, player receives Credit value as compensation)

A Note on Personal Reserve Rewards
Personal Reserves of the same type don't stack, so there's no advantage to activating multiple boosts of the same type at the same time. If Personal Reserves of different percentages are activated at the same time, only the smaller percentage will take effect.


Ronin Hunters

Starts Wednesday, September 2 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends Thursday, October 1 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET


Bushido - Way of the Warrior

Place in your team's top 10 XP earners in a single battle.

  • Random battles only
  • Any vehicles from the new Japanese heavy tank line, or Heavy Tank No. VI
  • Repeatable

2x Crew XP


Ancient Weapon Schedule

September 1

MT VIII  59-Patton

September 8


September 15

TD VIII  Kanonenjagdpanzer

September 22

HT V  KV-220

Full details/durations to be posted on the World of Tanks website on the above dates.


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