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Burning Rubber in Tank Rally

Please Note: Tank Rally mode will be available until November 6.


The new Tank Rally mode is fast approaching. Soon you'll be able to take custom M24 Chaffees out onto the track (specifically, a version of the Port map modified for racing). In the interests of enhancing your fun, we want to show you how to get started and what to expect.

Starting Up

The Rally event is on now, and upon login, you will have the M24 Chaffee Sport tank in your Garage. As in previous special events, the special vehicle doesn't replace any others in your Garage, nor does it fill a pre-existing Garage slot. Similarly, at the end of the event, it will be removed from your Garage. (Any experience earned on the vehicle will be moved to the T1.)

To begin a race, select the Chaffee Sport, then hit the "Battle!" button at the top of the Garage. As usual, you'll be sent to the battle queue!

3, 2, 1, Go!

A Rally race is a 3-on-3 "battle" (Platoons supported) where winning is similar to other World of Tanks battles: You must make it to the finish line -- in this case, a capture point -- and capture the base, or simply destroy all your opponents. It's one capture point, but will count both teams' capture meters, even if every racer is on base. Unlike in an automobile race, weaponry is available and encouraged! As you make your way around the race course, you can aim for enemies and fire at them whenever you're able. Many explosive obstacles can also be fired at to surprise enemies with a big bang or two. 

The course itself is split into two "lanes" that separate the teams; that way, both have a chance of reaching the finish without getting jumbled or disoriented (ideally), but will still have opportunities to attack. However, the course features a few ramps that can let you jump across the track to the enemy side. That can be risky, though; not unlike barreling into enemy territory in a normal battle. 

The Winner's Circle

Make it to the end and both sides will meet in an open area with a capture point. From here, it's a last grab at victory that will determine the winner(s). Survive, and you can get 1,000 XP and 1,000 Crew XP, plus the "Racer 2014" medal. Extra rewards will be given for winning in a Platoon, or playing and winning 50 races and racking up capture points.

More details in our Tank Racing event article! Roll Out and Race On!