Show Your Tank Mastery in 2017

A new year means more tanks to conquer! Hop into any of the below tanks this week and earn yourself an "Ace Tanker" Mastery Badge. With it, you'll get a special emblem that you can put on that tank to let other tankers know that you've got this. The list of tanks changes every week, so keep an eye out for your favorites.

Get the T-28 with F-30 for a limited time in the Premium Shop, then master it for an ace emblem!

"Ace Tanker" Mastery Badge | Tank Mastery Missions
Crew Weekend

Tank Mastery Missions

Starts January 6, 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET
Ends Januargy 16, 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET

  • "SP 1 C Mastery" (Get the "Ace Tanker" Mastery Badge* in the Spähpanzer SP 1 C

  • "B-C 25 t Mastery" (Get the "Ace Tanker" Mastery Badge* in the Bat Chat 25 t)

  • "O-Ho Mastery" (Get the "Ace Tanker" Mastery Badge* in the O-Ho

  • "T28 Prototype Mastery" (Get the "Ace Tanker" Mastery Badge* in the T28 Prototype)

  • "T28 with F30 Mastery" (Get the "Ace Tanker" Mastery Badge in the T28 with F30)


*"Ace Tanker" Mastery Badge: Earn more Base Experience in a single battle than the average highest Experience of 99% of all players in the same tank within the last seven days.


Q: How do I find the mission requirements?

A: Go into your Garage and click on the "Missions" tab just above your Crew:

If you're still curious, check out our handy guide!

Starts Jan. 6
03:20 PT/ 06:20 ET

Ends Jan. 9
03:20 PT / 06:20 ET

x2 Crew XP

Top 10 XP earners on team

50% Off

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