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T-34-85 Captures E3

One more tank joined the platoon at E3 Expo! T-34-85 shows off its steel glory and mesmerizes passers-by who are impatient to take a picture by its side. The only expression that is heard in the street is "Is that a REAL TANK?  OMG, I have to get a photo of that!"

Anyway, a diagram worths many words, so watch the video depicting the third tank of World of Tanks Army!

While E3 Expo sums up the results, continues amazing visitors of the exhibition, impressing them more with every minute. But now there is another HUGE event upcoming: Hug the Devs for Real! event which happens June 10 from 6 till 7 PM (local time) in CHAMPIONSHIP LOUNGE BAR  (you will find more pictures here) of ESPN Zone. (Address: ESPN Zone, Championship Lounge, 1011 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015). Don't miss this great chance and do come! We welcome all our honoured players to join us at the event!

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