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Players' Guide to the T34 Heavy

Let's take a closer look at the great all-American T34 tier VIII heavy tank. If you like playing heavy tanks hull-down with great penetration, the T34 could be for you!

Pick up the T34 with a Garage slot or bundled with Gold and Premium time! Learn more about playing this tank with our tips below.

The Good

  • The extra-strong turret will protect you when you're playing peek-a-boom with your enemies
  • Excellent penetration will make enemies think twice before messing with you
  • High alpha damage will send those baddies back to their Garage

The Bad

  • You might not earn as many Credits as you might with other Premium vehicles
  • Damage per minute (DPM) isn't the best
  • Painfully slow top speed

The Ugly

  • Avoid letting enemies get in shots to the weak hull
  • Its dispersion and aiming make it a not-so-great sniper, so don't try to hide and snipe

Reasons to Buy

  • Use the Premium status to train your American heavy tank Crews
  • Performs well in the hull-down position (when hiding your hull and exposing only your turret when firing)
  • It's great for punishing enemy tanks from the second line, not too close yet not too far
  • It moves slowly enough that you won't rush into trouble on your own

Reasons Not to Buy

  • You prefer to get up close and personal in a brawl (you'll want an IS-6)
  • You prefer to take enemies out from a distance (pick up a Lowe)
  • You prefer to easily manueuver around and flank your enemies (play an FCM 50 t)
  • You're moving down the American medium line (try a T26E4 SuperPershing)


Crew Skills & Perks