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Players' Guide to the T1E6

Learn Trevzor's T1E6 Tips!



Fast Tank, Fast Gun

It's Light Tank and Artillery Week again, and the rare T1E6 is zooming back to the Premium Shop for a limited time!

Does the T1E6 fit your profile, or should you save up for something different? Find out below! 

 Summary | Loadout


The Good

  • Fast!
  • Quick reload between shots 
  • Fast clip reload

The Bad

  • Anemic penetration with standard ammo
  • Slow aiming

The Ugly

  • Thin armor
  • Tall profile

Reasons to Buy

  • Autoloading gun at low tiers
  • Easily grind convertible XP -- a 60% boost to Experience earned!

Reasons Not to Buy

  • Lesser scouting (try the T2 LT)
  • Bouncing shots/taking damage (grab the S35)

Play Style

  • The T1E6 is a fast light tank with an autoloader, which fires one shell each shot in quick succession, and has the mobility to travel the whole battlefield! 


Use/train a multifaceted Crew in Camouflage and Gunnery Skills, use equipment to enhance your gun, and practice good battlefield awareness. Your shells also have good penetration with Premium APCR ammunition.

These are only suggestions! Feel free to see what works best for you.
The standard loadout of Small First Aid Kit, Small Repair Kit and Gas is a good way to go, while Large Repair and First Aid Kits reduce the chance of damage or Crew injury from random artillery and HE Shells.
Crew Skills and Perks

Boosting Camouflage and gunnery skills are crucial in this tank, as are Sixth Sense and Smooth Ride. The first Skill alerts you when you've been spotted, and the second makes you a better shot on the move. Brothers in Arms will increase all your Crew Skills.

The amazing T1E6 is only in the Premium Shop for a limited time -- speed towards it today!