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New Soviet Medium Tank: T-22 Medium

Historically speaking, the traditional designs and construction of Soviet tanks were known for being versatile. They were used for a wide range of purposes in different conditions. In World of Tanks, the top Soviet medium tanks are also known for their versatility on the battlefield, and the T-22 Medium is no exception. 


Gun: The outstanding gun mounted on the T-22 Medium has a good rate of fire and excellent penetration. As one of the most accurate guns amongst Soviet medium tanks, the aiming time is also quicker than its Soviet counterparts at 1.9 seconds. That's the best value among all medium tanks at tier X, comparable to the aiming time of the Leopard.

Stablization: The T-22 Medium has excellent accuracy when moving.

Mobility: The T-22 Medium is the most dynamic tier X medium tank on the Soviet tech tree. It has the best ratio of engine power to weight, which makes it extremely mobile. This medium tank can contribute well to a battle without having to spend a lot of time moving around the map!

Armor: The armor on this tank is tough, in the most literal meaning. The T-22 Medium tends to take its fair share of hits, but only because it's difficult to penetrate its armor. You can thank its strong front and side armor, depression angles and well-armored turret. The front armor in particular is 250mm thick!

Tactical Role

The T-22 Medium is able to do everything that a medium tank needs to do; it can take advantage of strategic positioning, stalk the enemy in assault groups, and if necessary, can take blows on the front lines.

Due to the unique shape of its hull, this newest Soviet tank can be quite capable of taking out high-tier opponents!