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Update 9.14: Sneak Peek at the Supertest

Ever wonder what our World of Tanks developers are working on for the next update? Take a look at the summary of our latest Supertest of Update 9.14!

The Supertest is available only to carefully selected test players. However, we wanted to take this opportunity to share its contents before you get the chance to test it yourself in the upcoming Public Test, available for all players.

Important: Any and all info presented in here is preliminary, and as such, it may be subject to change, modification or complete deletion upon the official release, depending on the outcome of the test.

Features | Vehicles | Graphics


Improved Physics and Sounds

Improved vehicle movement physics and improved sounds are now in its final stage.

The Supertest will include some final tests before the release of Update 9.14's Public Test. More details about these changes will be announced shortly.

Minimap: Draw Distance and Spotting Range

Circles are being added, showing vehicles' draw distance, the maximum spotting range, and a player's current spotting range to the minimap. This depends on a number of factors that affect the value of the vehicle's view range, for example, equipment such as Coated Optics, Binocular Telescope, Crew Skills and Perks, consumables, etc.

There currently is an option in Settings to turn this circle on and off.

Simplified Module Research for Beginners

We're simplifying how new players learn how to play the game, changing the way players research up to tier II. Tier I vehicles will only have one module to research: the gun. Tier II vehicles will have one module of each type: engine, gun, suspension, radio and turret.

Goal-Setting Personal Missions for Tiers IV-V

Novice players will also get special goal-setting Personal Missions introducing the specifics of each vehicle class: light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers and artillery.


New Vehicles

New vehicles are also being added to the Supertest, including the Grille 15, which will be replacing the Waffentrager in a future update (not in Update 9.14).

Krovets-1T25 PilotM41/90
Grille 15Char de 25TSentinel AC IV
See more screenshots on our In Development page!


New map for Rampage: Ravaged Capital

Map Improvements: Sacred Valley

Want the chance to try out these changes yourself?
Be sure to sign up for the Update 9.14 Public Test coming soon!