The Sky is Falling!

Thanks for laughing along with us this April 1st!

Heads Up!

The skies of World of Tanks are about to get a lot more colorful. Artillery shells light things up well enough, sure, but how about a potently powerful suitcase that explodes in rainbows and mirth when it hits the ground? To up the enjoyment of your random battles, read on!

Grab It

The suitcase will be available for 24 hours, but first you need to earn it. Just complete the following Mission in-game and you're on the way:


Earning Your Case

Destroy 10 enemy vehicles across any number of battles.

Reward: Secret Weapon Token

  • Random battles only
  • Tier V or higher
  • Repeatable


Available now until April 2,  04:30 PT (07:30 ET)

The Token is a consumable that allows one deployment of the suitcase strike. 


Once acquired and in battle, the suitcase will appear as a fourth consumable in your inventory. Press the "7" key to select and prepare to deploy.

Deployment is the same as that of the artillery's firing mode; a bird's-eye view of the map where you can target anywhere you can reach. The good news: it can reach anywhere! 

Kablooey! Send 'em a smile!

Take this potentially lethal luggage to the field and light up your enemies' lives!