Is the Strv S1 Right For You?

The new Swedish tank destroyer Strv S1 could be your new favorite vehicle, as long as you get to know the Siege mode mechanics. It can be a difficult one to master and switching back and forth between modes could lose you a few seconds. Hear more from WGLNA’s Unknown0ne on what he thinks.

The Good

  • Excellent aim time, penetration, and shell velocity
  • Light tank caliber of concealment while moving, even better when stationary
  • Good top speed, including 45 km/h in reverse
  • Decent mobility

The Bad

  • Low alpha and DPM for a tank destroyer
  • Armor is only remotely effective against AP or APCR shells that are 90mm or smaller
  • Low hit points
  • Poor view range

The Ugly

  • Siege mode mechanic severely limits its flexibility

Reasons to Buy

  • You enjoy the Swedish tank destroyers with the Siege mode mechanic
  • You want a Premium vehicle to train your Swedish tank destroyer Crew

Reasons Not to Buy

Play Style

Like all of the Swedish tank destroyers with Siege mode, the Strv S1 trades typical TD flexibility for engaging targets at long range and passive spotting.

The Strv S1’s speed helps it reach advantageous positions quickly, and its concealment helps keep it “unlit” even when the enemies get closer. When it comes to shooting, its high accuracy, shell velocity, and penetration help negate the issues that come with long-range firing.

However, Siege mode severely limits the S1’s ability to engage in short-to-medium-range combat. Primarily, it adds an additional few seconds where the tank is completely immobilized going to and from Siege and Travel mode, which greatly increases exposure time when peeking out of cover to fire.

Other limitations include the inability to aim the gun horizontally when tracked, the need to enter Siege mode to effectively aim, and the 8km/h speed limit (forward and reverse) while in Siege mode. Always switch to Travel mode to change position.

Essentially, if you enjoy its play style and aren’t bothered by its inflexibility, you’ll probably enjoy playing this TD. If not, you might find it frustrating.

For this reason, I would highly recommend playing one of the other Swedish Siege mode TDs (tiers VIII, IX, and X Swedish tank destroyers all have this mechanic) to see if you enjoy this play style before buying it.


There are a few good loadouts for the Strv S1, depending on how you're playing it. I would recommend increasing the tank’s concealment, as it’s the primary mode of defense. From there, it is a question of fire rate, view range, or both.



I would recommend any combination of a Gun Rammer, Improved Ventilation, Camouflage Net, and Binocular Telescope. Your choices should be based on how you want to play it; a passive scout benefits the most from the last three, a damage dealer from the first three.

It’s also worth noting that while in Siege mode, rotating the hull doesn’t break Camouflage Net or Binocular Telescope.


The standard Fire Extinguisher, Repair Kit, and First Aid Kit work well for this tank. Though, using Coffee with Cinnamon Buns over a Fire Extinguisher or First Aid Kit provides notable boosts with only minor downsides (besides the Credit cost), since the Strv S1 doesn’t tend to survive more than a few hits anyway.

Crew Skills & Perks

I would recommend “Concealment,” which provides a significant boost due to the tank’s high base concealment, and “Sixth Sense.” For passive scouting, “Recon” and “Situational Awareness” are useful for the additional view range. Other nice-to-have skills include “Clutch Braking,” “Off-Road Driving,” and “Brothers in Arms.”


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