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A Pro's Look at the First Swedish Premium Tank

We recently welcomed the very first Swedish Premium tank, and for those wanting a head start on training a Swedish Crew, don't pass up the opportunity to get the Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 (tier VI) before it leaves the Premium Shop at the end of the month!

Unknown0ne from WGLNA Gold League team RivaL has the lowdown on this Nordic newcomer.

The Good

  • Very good autoloading gun (~600 damage, over four shots in six seconds)
  • Good gun handling
  • Decent top speed (45 km/h)

The Bad

  • Poor acceleration and traverse
  • Armor is ineffective against most opponents
  • Low view and radio range

The Ugly

  • Can encounter tier VIII tanks

Reasons to Buy

  • You're looking for a Premium autoloader
  • You want a good front line support tank
  • Training a Swedish Crew strikes your fancy

Reasons Not to Buy

  • You prefer hitting with one high-damage hit (try the SU-100Y)
  • You don’t like going under 60 km/h (try the Type 64 or Cromwell B)
  • You prefer to be directly on the front line (try the Heavy Tank No. VI) 

Play Style

The Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 is well suited to supporting teammates close to the front line, where it can use its autoloading gun while minimizing the chance of being overwhelmed while reloading. It can also be quite deadly in one-on-one situations, provided the enemy can be dispatched in one clip.


If you're planning to provide close support, you’ll want to optimize your aim time, acceleration, and ability to repair critical damage to help reduce exposure to enemy fire while emptying the clip.


You can swap Coated Optics for a Toolbox for a focus on close engagements.

Crew Skills & Perks
"Snap Shot" and "Smooth Ride" reduce the time needed to accurately unload the clip, "Repairs" help minimize the chance of being permanently tracked, and "Clutch Braking" helps mitigate the poor hull traverse. Additionally, "Sixth Sense" and "Brothers in Arms" are always nice to have.