Steel Hunter: Say "No!" to Teaming


We hope you are enjoying our Battle Royale game mode, Steel Hunter!

Unfortunately, it has been brought to our attention that some tankers are not completely embracing the fairness of the arena, and prefer to team up with other solo players/platoons in order to gain an unfair advantage. Therefore, we have decided to introduce a special rule against teaming.

What is Teaming?

In Steel Hunter, "teaming" refers to forming teams outside what is allowed by the game mode itself.

Intentional teaming between players or other platoons is considered unsportsmanlike behavior, and penalties will be imposed.

This rule is effective for all iterations of Steel Hunter.

Penalties for Teaming Offenses

Proven teaming practices will result in different penalties to your account according to the number of attempts:

  • 1st attempt: 3 days' game ban
  • 2nd attempt: 7 days' game ban

Beware a game ban will not only prevent you from playing Steel Hunter for the duration of the penalty, but also any other game mode.

So for instance, if you receive a 3-day ban on the last day on which Steel Hunter is active, then you can not play that mode nor any mode on that last day, but you also can't play any modes for the following 2 days—even if Steel Hunter is not active anymore.

How to Report Teaming Offenses

Steel Hunter mode supports replays, so make sure to activate them from the in-game settings before hunting. If you experience teaming practices, please send a ticket to our Customer Support team with the following information:

  • Reported player nicknames: You may check if any players were using the Anonymizer in the results screen that appears once the battle is over; you can also open it manually from the notification center once everyone is done with the hunt.
  • Replay: Please indicate the time when the teaming happened
  • Screenshot of the final leaderboard of the match: So we may double-check the nicknames of those who were anonymized


IMPORTANT: Thanks to the "follow the winner" principle, the replay functionality will record even after you are destroyed, but if you exit the battle immediately, the recording will stop at the time you left. So when you open the replay, it will show up to the point you stopped seeing the rest of the battle.

All reports will be duly investigated and dealt with at Wargaming's discretion. Let's keep the game clean and fair together! 


Happy Steel Hunting, and may the RNG be ever in your favor!