Steel Hunter Returns with Stage 2!

A fierce battle for survival is about to begin, tankers!

Steel Hunter, one of the most exciting modes in the game to date, is returning to World of Tanks, with the first Stage kicking off on September 21. Read up on all the details of this engaging Battle Royale mode!

Steel Hunter: Stage 2
Monday, Sept. 21 at 04:00 PT | 06:00 CT | 07:00 ET Monday, Sept. 28 at 02:00 PT | 04:00 CT | 05:00 ET

Note: Each day has a cease-fire period—at 01:00 PT | 03:00 CT | 4:00 ET until 4:00 PT | 6:00 CT | 7:00 ET daily.

Stage 2 Rewards

In this Stage, head to Dreamland or Arzagir 4.04 as Survivor, Hunter, or Scout in one of five event tanks and use special abilities to battle your foes. Only one commander or squad will come out the winner!

Complete daily missions to earn Hunter points that unlock different rewards with a variety of goodies:

  • Bonds
  • Credits
  • Unique 2D Style
  • And more!

When you reach Level 15, you will earn a few special rewards—the unique 2D style "Sword of Ullr" and Expedition tokens. With each Stage, one additional 2D style, the "Shield of Ullr", will be available for purchase in-game.

Updated Daily Missions

When designing the Steel hunter game mode, we knew your rate of progression would highly depend on the new skills you needed to learn to survive. We also linked this new mode with Frontline in terms of the Expedition rewards. To allow you to progress in the latter, we added Daily Missions in Steel Hunter. The intention was to allow you to progress in the Expedition but keep the Steel Hunter spirit of competition alive.

When designing the Daily Mission conditions, we used the data from the previous year's event. Now, after Stage 1 is finished, we have new insights, and it is clear to us that you can complete the entire Stage just through a grind, rather than outplaying your opponents.

We want this mode's primary goal to stay the same, which is to be the best, using all your knowledge and skill to reign supreme. Therefore, and we decided to change battle missions' conditions rewards to reflect this philosophy.

You can see the comparison below.

Devastate Mission



Condition Cause 3,000 HP of damage over any number of battles. Cause 4,500 HP of damage over any number of battles.
Restriction 5 times per day 5 times per day
Reward 200 Hunter Points 100 Hunter Points

Destroy Mission



Condition Destroy 1 or more enemy vehicles over any number of battles. Destroy 2 or more enemy vehicles in one battle.
Restriction Once per day Once per day
Reward 100 Hunter Points 100 Hunter Points

Expedition Tokens and Reward Tanks

In addition to a bunch of in-game rewards, during each of Steel Hunter’s 4 Stages, you can earn up to 3 tokens for a potential total of 12. Use tokens to grab any one of the three exclusive Tier IX vehicles listed below for 12 tokens each:

AE Phase I
Object 777 Variant II
Char Futur 4

The start and end dates of the other upcoming Steel Hunter Stages will be added at a later date, so stay tuned!

How to Access Steel Hunter

Head to the Steel Hunter Garage via the "Expedition" section in the drop-down menu to the right of the “Battle” button and:

  1. Click the “Battle” button to play solo
  2. Create a special 3-player Platoon for a battle

During Act V of the 10th Anniversary of World of Tanks, you can enter Steel Hunter by clicking on the 3D object in your Garage.

Be sure to check out our regulations page below to learn more about the Steel Hunter mechanics!

Steel Hunter Mechanics  

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