Star Spangled Weekend


Though the song existed for a good long while beforehand, it wasn't until March 3, 1931 that the Star Spangled Banner became the official anthem of the United States by order of a congressional resolution signed by Herbert Hoover.

In honor of this auspicious moment, we've composed a series of discounts and bonuses to keep you tanking through the weekend, enjoy!

Event Starts: 03:30 PST on March 1, 2013

Event Ends: 03:00 PST on March 4, 2013

50% Credit Increase Per Battle and 50% Credit Discount on the Following Vehicles

VII T71 T71 VII T25/2 T25/2 VII T25 AT T25 AT VII T20 T20 VII T29 T29 VI M12 M12

50% Gold Discount on the Following Premium Vehicles

V Ram II Ram II V T14 T14 III M22 Locust M22 Locust II T2 Light Tank T2 Light Tank

Experience for First Win of the Day in Each Vehicle

50% Gold and Credit Discount on Crew Skill Reset

50% Gold Discount on Tank Emblems & Insignias

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