St. Patrick's Day

Come celebrate St. Patrick's Day with us by doing what you already do best: wrecking all enemies that stand before you. By completing the special Mission below, you'll get the lucky Quadrifoil emblem for free! 

So be sure to add this emblem once unlocked, else you might find yourself at the receiving end of one, two... 10 pinches. Ow!

Starts: Tuesday, March 17, 04:20 PDT / 07:20 EDT
Ends: Wednesday, March 18, 04:20 PDT / 07:20 EDT

Luck of the Irish

Place in the top 10 XP earners on your team and win the battle.

  • Available once per vehicle
  • Upon completion of the mission, the emblem can be applied on the vehicle of your choice
  • Emblem can be applied in both slots
Free Quadrifoil (reward emblem)

Upon completion of Luck of the Irish, the reward emblem will be unlocked in the Exterior tab.

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