Special Gifts in Commemoration of the Battle of Prokhorovka

"The Battle of Prokhorovka (12 July 1943) was fought on the Eastern Front during the Second World War as part of the Battle of Kursk in the Soviet Union. Principally, the German Wehrmacht's Fourth Panzer Army clashed with the Soviet Red Army's 5th Guards Tank Army. It is one of the largest tank battles in military history."

In commemoration of the heroic deeds of warriors during epic battles in Prokhorovka, World of Tanks development team has prepared special gifts for its honoured players: starting from 11:30 UTC July 13 and till 11:30 UTC July 14 each WoT tank, which acted in the Battle of Prokhorovka, will get doubled credits earned per battle. Besides that, the cost of these tanks will be reduced by half.

The following tanks commited in the heroic battle and will give their owners more credits:

SU-76, Т-34, KV, KV-1S, SU-152, Churchill, PzKpfw III, PzKpfw IV, PzKpfw VI Tiger, PzKpfw V Panther, StuG III, M3 Lee, Ferdinand.

Do not miss the chance to get more on 13th of July!

Stay tuned for more World of Tanks and see you on the battlefields!

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