Comparing Soviet Steel

This week highlights the Soviet tech tree with discounts on tiers VI and VII, and we’re comparing the best ones below. All the following tanks are 30% off until April 10, and two of them offer an extra prize when you beat the Wargaming staff score!

More Details on Specials  

T-34-85 vs. A-43: Medium Menaces at Tier VI

These two medium tanks can be researched after the tier V T-34. Your choice depends on whether you prefer higher penetration or fast-firing guns, and what your goal is. Beyond this point, you can still change course once you hit higher tiers.



Like its predecessor, the T-34, but with a heavier turret that prepares it to mount a more powerful weapon. When fully researched, it deals higher damage and penetration than the fully researched A-43, then leads to both the tier X Object 140 and T-62A. More of a flanking-style medium tank. It’s more mobile and has a faster rate of fire/aim time than the T-34-85 which give it higher DPM. Beyond its agility in battle, this tank also has more options the higher you go up, leading to all three tier X medium tanks.

KV-2 vs. KV-85: Heavy Duty at Tier VI

Soviet heavy tanks are not anything to sneeze at, and both are beasts on the battlefield. However, their branches lead to a tier X heavy tank and artillery, respectively. 



Considered one of the most fun tanks. This probably comes from its exceptional gun and strong armor. Compared to the KV-85, when using the 107mm gun, it has a faster aim time and rate of fire leading to a higher DPM. But it’s really known for the giant 152mm gun, which can ruin almost anything it comes across, even with a slower reload.
The KV-2 is actually the last heavy tank on its line, making it more of a “destination tank.”
Fans of the KV-1S often enjoy its big brother, the KV-85. It’s fairly maneuverable for a heavy tank, but trades some of its armor for that mobility. But it comes with higher penetration than the KV-2. The KV-85 is the best way to go to unlock the IS-7, as along the way, you pass through the also popular and very versatile IS-3.

SU-152 vs. SU-100M1: Tantalizing TDs at Tier VII

You can research both of these terrifying tank destroyers from the tier V SU-100, where the tree splits into two branches leading to two tier X TDs. Where to go and what to do depends on your play style.



This TD is something to fear on the battlefield. With the top gun, it can destroy some enemy tier VIIs within a shot or two. It has more HP, higher damage and DPM than the SU-100M1. The SU-152 leads to the tier X Object 268. May not have the firepower that the SU-152 has, but it’s more mobile and has a low profile. You can lay low without being seen, firing the sharp-shooting gun. This tier VII TD leads to the tier X Object 263.