Weekend Event: The Souain Legacy


The Souain experiment advanced the feasibility of an armored vehicle breaking the stagnantion of trench warfare during WWI. Carried out on the battlefield of Souain north of Suippes, France on December 9, 1915, the French military saw promise, and at the very least a proof of concept, in the tiny unarmed vehicle.

In honor of this significant milestone in tank history, we're pleased to present credit bonuses for a number of French vehicles. Don't sweat it if you aren't a French armor fan. There's an XP bonus and Premium Account discount for everyone to enjoy!

The weekend special begins tomorrow, starting at 03:30 PST (11:30 UTC) on Dec. 7th and will be ending at 03:00 (11:00 UTC) on Dec. 10th. Curious what time this is in your area?  Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out.

3x Bonus Experience for the First Victory
Discount for Premium Account:
  • 3 days for 300
Credit Income Bonus: +50%
  • AMX 38 AMX 38
  • D2 D2
  • Renault UE 57 Renault UE 57
  • Credit Income Bonus: +40%
  • B1 B1
  • AMX 40 AMX 40
  • Somua SAu-40 Somua SAu-40
  • S-35 CA S-35 CA
  • Credit Income Bonus: +30%
  • ARL 44 ARL 44
  • AMX 12t AMX 12t
  • ARL V39 ARL V39
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