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Updated on 07.11

We were absolutely overwhelmed by your enthusiasm at smashing those Merge Milestones but also heard your disappointment, that some might not have had a chance to unlock a reward yet.
Because of this, we will release a brand new code (on top of our standard Milestone codes) for EVERYONE to activate
The new code includes a number of necessary items for all Commanders: a Garage Slot, 16 Barrack Slots, 5 x5 XP Missions, and four Personal Reserves (x2 50% XP for 1 hour, x2 200% combined Free XP and Crew XP for 1 hour).
The code will be released on all channels after we reach the 3rd Milestone (only Twitter, Instagram and TikTok are left) or at the end of the event (21.11.2022).


Updated on 07.11

A new subscriber milestone has been reached and a new bonus code has been released on the respective channel(s). Click here for more details!


We have exciting news (and opportunities for rewards)! In order to give players an even wider variety of content for World of Tanks, we are merging the English-language social media, video, and streaming channels for North America (NA) and Europe (EU). Soon, we will have one English-language account per social media site. For example, instead of separate YouTube channels for World of Tanks NA and World of Tanks EU, both channels will merge into one World of Tanks English-language channel. We hope to complete the merge by November 21, 2022.

We're sure you have questions, so please refer to the FAQ section below. But first:

Game Servers Will Not Change!

The game servers are not merging. This means that the game servers for NA, South America (SA), and EU will remain exactly as they are now.

What does this mean for channel followers and subscribers?

Fewer destinations and less confusion, but more of everything else! Get ready for more news, more videos, more updates, more streams, and lots of consolidated content. Plus, our NA and EU players will be introduced to even more streamers and video personalities (Cmdr_AF, The Chieftain, and TragicLoss—meet Eekeeboo!) and be rewarded for activities and contests that are redeemable in both regions.

NA players will reap the benefits of video series like Monthly Rundown, Inside the Tanks, and Map Guides, while EU players are sure to find WoT's Next, Tanks 101, and Five Things welcome additions to their video playlists.

Subscribe to New Channels, Pass Milestones, and Get Bonus Codes

But we can't do this alone. We need your help! In order to merge, we will need all of our current subscribers and followers to manually migrate to our new merged channels. Although the English-language channels are merging, rewards will be available for all supported languages in North America, South America, and Europe.

Step 1: Subscribe to the New Unified Channels

Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are merging, while those on TikTok can follow the EU channel, which will soon feature content from America as well. Facebook, however, will continue to have two separate pages for the NA and EU regions.

Click on all of the icons below to join the new merged channels for World of Tanks:

Merged Twitter: Merged YouTube: Merged Instagram: Merged TikTok:

What About Twitch and Discord?

Twitch and Discord will also merge their English-language NA and EU channels, but not as part of this event. Please stay tuned for more information.

Step 2: Look Out for Bonus Codes on Each Channel

Milestone Reward period starts November 1 and ends November 21.

To encourage players to subscribe to our merged channels, we will be offering Milestone Rewards in conjunction with our followership and subscriber goals for each channel. Whenever a milestone goal is reached, a bonus code will be released on that merged channel. At any time, a special code may be revealed in a post, picture, or video published on the channel that passes the milestone. There are a limited number of bonus codes available, so claim them as soon as you can!

For Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok Channels:

Milestone: TOTAL Number of Redemptions per player: Reward(s):

Milestone 1

Twitter: 180,000
YouTube: 290,000
Instagram: 125,000
Tiktok: 65,000

4 Redemptions
(1 per channel)
1 Day of WoT Premium Account

Milestone 2

Twitter: 200,000
YouTube: 300,000
Instagram: 140,000
Tiktok: 75,000

4 Redemptions
(1 per channel)
2D Style: "Star Spangled"

Milestone 3

Twitter: 220,000
YouTube: 320,000
Instagram: 160,000
Tiktok: 100,000

1 Redemption
(only claimed on 1 channel)
100% trained crew commander "Cmdr_AF"
+ 3 "Cmdr_AF" Decals

Milestone 4

Twitter: 250,000
YouTube: 350,000
Instagram: 180,000
Tiktok: 120,000

1 Redemption
(only claimed on 1 channel)
VI T78 * + 3D Style: "Federalist"
4 Redemptions
(1 per channel)
2 Personal reserves: +50% combat XP for 1 hour
2 Personal reserves: +200% crew XP and free XP for 1 hour

Milestone 5

Twitter: 280,000
YouTube: 400,000
Instagram: 200,000
Tiktok: 150,000

1 Redemption
(only claimed on 1 channel)
VIII T26E5 Patriot *
4 Redemptions
(1 per channel)

 5 Large Repair Kits
 5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers
 5 Large First Aid Kits

Subscribers who already own the Premium vehicle reward will get Credit compensation instead.

As you can see, the more milestones a channel hits, the better the rewards. If all subscriber milestones are reached, up to 19 bonus codes can be redeemed (per player), so make the change and don't miss this chance to pick up valuable items including Premium vehicles! 

About Milestone Rewards


For Milestones 1 and 2, followers can claim the same reward more than once using bonus codes from multiple channels.

  • Example: A follower/subscriber on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok can use the bonus codes from each channel and earn the 1 Day of WoT Premium Account four times (while quantities last).

The Milestone 3 reward can only be claimed once.

Milestones 4 and 5 each feature two rewards:

  • One bonus code for a Premium vehicle that can be claimed once, and a bundle of Personal Reserves or consumables that can be claimed for all four channels (similar to Milestones 1 and 2). Both codes will be released simultaneously.

Step 3: Redeem Codes ASAP: They Are Limited!

Redeem the bonus codes in the Premium Shop as soon as you see them. You can do this by clicking the button below:


Each unique code can be redeemed once per account.



Will there still be region-specific Twitch Drops on the single English-speaking Twitch channel?

Both regions will have mostly the same Drops; however, there may still be region-specific Drops (such as Thanksgiving for NA).

What will change in the South America region (LATAM and Brazil)?

Nothing—these channels will remain the same. This merge will only apply to English-language pages and channels.

What about my favorite NA content, like WoT's Next?

Most of the NA audience-favorite content, including WoT's Next and NA streams, will move to the new channels.

Does the merge include World of Tanks Asia?

No, Asia will retain its English-language channels.

What does this mean for NA Community Contributors?

The NA and EU contributor programs will be combined and both groups will enjoy the same support and benefits.

What happens if I don’t subscribe to the merged channels by the deadline?

The old channel will stop operating and you will miss out on all of the new game content.

If I move to a new channel, will my tweets, messages, and posts come with me?

In certain cases (such as YouTube), we will move existing content and comments to the new merged channel (subject to technical limitations on the platform). However, for the most part, old content and connected posts will remain on the old channels.

How will bonus codes work in the future? Are they still linked to specific servers?

Although we will try to offer bonus codes that apply to both the NA and EU servers as often as possible, there will still be occasional region-specific bonus codes. Existing regional bonus codes will continue to be restricted to that region.

Are you planning to remove other language-specific YouTube channels, such as the German-speaking channel?

No, this merge will only impact the English-language channels.


The Next Steps

  • Check the table to see if your favorite World of Tanks social media channels are moving, then subscribe to the new ones (if needed).
  • Keep an eye out for Milestone Reward notifications on the newly merged channels, then redeem the codes as soon as you can.

Subscribe to our new social media channels, get a whole new world of content, and watch out for bonus codes to claim fantastic rewards!

Roll Out!

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