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Sneak peek of February Events

February Events


Here is a sneak peak of what you can expect from February for contests and events! Please remember that specials and discounts are not included in this list.

For the month’s All Star contests, we’ve made some changes:

The vehicles are now separated into 3 tier levels: low tier (1-4), mid-tier (5-7), and high tier (8-10), and the French tanks are now included in the cycle.

Here is the list of All Stars for this month:

  • All Star #11HT: Feb 6-7: Lorraine 40 t and Lowe
  • All Star #12LT: Feb 8-9: Hotchkiss H35 and PzKpfw S35 739 (f)
  • All Star #13MT: Feb 13-14: KV and Ram II
  • All Star #14HT: Feb 15-16: Object 704 and KV-5
  • All Star #15LT: Feb 20-21: Panzerjager I and T-127
  • All Star #16MD: Feb 22-23: GW Panther and T-25
  • All Star #17HT: Feb 27-28: T30 and Type 59
  • All Star #18MT: Feb 29-1: M7 Priest and PzKpfw B2 740 (f)

For the rest of the month, we will be doing 2 Art and Design contests, one of them specifically geared towards Valentine’s Day! The first Art contest will commence on February 3rd and will end on February 17, and the second Design contest will start on February 19th and end on March 3rd. 

Also, we will be introducing a new sort of event called Scavenger Hunt, and will be awaiting your feedback on it. Each weekend during this month, we will either have a Scavenger Hunt, Who Shot the Sheriff, and one very special Most Valuable Player event with an awesome prize between February 24th and February 26th! News about each event will be posted in advance. The Scavenger Hunts will be similar to the current Most Valuable Player contests, but with more of an emphasis on experience gain. More information to come.

Friday, February 3rd marks our first Twitter Quiz of the month, and the next one is on Friday, February 10th. We will be keeping the 4PM – 9 PM PST time as this represents Saturday morning for the Oceanic regions and seems to work for most of our players. Prepare yourselves though for some harder questions! All of our Twitter quizzes will now be help on Fridays to accomodate as many of our players as possible.

On February 10th and February 24th , we will again be holding Wargaming Tank Companies! Prepare yourselves to battle us! More information to come about the tier limits.

And, especially for Valentine’s Day, we will have a special MVP on February 14th. Be sure to have a friend by then you can platoon with!

As for tournaments, there is a Clan Tournament commencing on Monday, February 6th, with registration currently open. Keep an eye on the new Clan Tournaments forum! Here is some information:

  • Format: Up to 15 players in the battle
  • Victory Conditions: First team to win 3 battles takes the round
  • Team size: 16 (12 must be members of clan)
  • Tier limit: None
  • Tier points: 90
  • Only one team is allowed per clan
  • The team name must be the same as the clan name
  • No limit to the number of teams that can participate, outside of the above-mentioned clan restrictions

There will also be two other tournaments this month, one specifically geared towards North American times, and one for Oceanic times.

The Sidi Bou Zid Ante meridium Challenge (Oceanic time zones)  and the Sidi Bou Zid Post meridium Challenge (North American time zones) commence on February 13th. Be sure to register your team between February 6th  and 10th when registration opens!

Keep an eye out for more information about these contests and tournaments! We will issue a news post for each event with all the information you need.